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Dungeons and Dragons
Mystara Deities
I have been game mastering the original Dungeons and Dragons since the mid 1980's. I have modified the game extensively over the years. I needed more detail about the Mystara deities so I created the following information. Note: please remember that this is only fiction!
Hel, god of reincarnation, death, and chaos.
Ilsundal, god of protecting elves.
Ixion, god of banishing darkness and opposing entropy.
Khoronus, god of teaching the lessons of time to rulers.
Koryis, god of peace and prosperity.
Petra, god of fighting clerics and beseiged cities.
Valerius, god of love and passion.

NPC Card
In roleplaying games, a game master can amass a large number of npc's (non-player characters). I wanted an easy way to keep track of npc's that I could use during a game. This

Microsoft Word document (24KB) will print npc details onto a standard 3x5 index card (front and back). I keep a group these cards with me while I play so that they can be retrieved and utilized quickly.

I felt that there was not enough character choice in the original D&D game. This led me to create a number of characters that the players may choose from. In my campaigns, a player picks a race and a character class (instead of simply selecting a race or human character class as in the rules). This enables more flexibility for the demi-human races. The following list is a collection of the new classes that I have created as well as the originals (slightly modified).

Bard (Bard Musical Spells)
Bounty Hunter

Coming Later...
Sorcerer Spells

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