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Musicians can be found in every corner of the civilized world. Some of these individuals use their talents to make a living and others play an instrument or sing for pure enjoyment. A very rare few of these people have discovered more fascinating uses for their talents. They have discovered that when properly applied, music can be utilized as a form of magic. A true bard has discovered this secret and possesses great power over other people. Many bards spend their life travelling the world in search of new songs and abilities.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Minimum Score: A Bard must have a Charisma of 13 or higher.
Experience Bonus: 5% for Wisdom 13-15, 10% for Wisdom 16-18.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. Starting with 10th level, +2 hit points per level, and Constitution adjustments no longer apply.
Maximum Level: 36
Armor: Leather armor only; shield not permitted.
Weapons: Any missile weapon; any one-handed melee weapon.

Special Abilities:
  1. The following thief abilities may be used at half the normal chance for success... Hide in Shadows, Find Traps, Remove Traps
  2. The following thief abilities may used at the normal chance for success... Climb Walls, Hear Noise
  3. Bards begin the game with two spells (chosen by the Game Master) from the Bard Musical Spell List. If the character wishes to learn new spells then he must learn new song fluctuations from another Bard. This may be done at any time and will take at least one week of study. At the end of this time period, the Bard must make an Intelligence test. If the test succeeds then the new spell technique is understood and learned. Otherwise, the character must wait until another experience level is gained before he can attempt to learn the spell again. A Bard may learn a maximum of 10 spells plus Intelligence bonuses. Bards may cast two spells per day at first level plus one for every 4 experience levels (ex: 2 at 1st level, 3 at 4th level, 4 at 8th level, etc.). The same spell may be cast more than once per day, but still counts toward the total permitted per day.
Other Details:
Bards use the fighter experience and thaco charts, but use the thief saving throw and weapon mastery charts.

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