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Many greedy men have taken to sea with dreams of wealth and excitement. Piracy runs rampant, but the law can be merciless against these men. Many pirates become dissuaded or realize that thug skills are just as useful on land as they are at sea. These men are full of wanderlust and tend to be brutal fighters as well as cunning strategists. Treasure is a pirates highest priority and they are often seen squandering money in taverns and in the streets. Their roguish nature can be dangerous and unpredictable. Consequently, they fit in just fine with most groups of adventurers.

Prime Requisite: Strength and Intelligence
Minimum Score: None
Experience Bonus: 5% for both Strength and Intelligence of 13-15, 10% for both Strength and Intelligence of 16-18.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. Starting with 10th level, +2 hit points per level, Constitution adjustments no longer apply.
Maximum Level: 36
Armor: Leather armor only; shield not permitted.
Weapons: Any except polearms, lances, and pikes.

Special Abilities:
  1. A pirate may perform a press attack combat maneuver once per day for two consecutive rounds against one opponent, except when exhausted. This allows the character to attack wildly in an attempt to drive an enemy back. The opponent is pushed backwards 1d4 feet. During this time, all of the pirate's attacks are at +1 to hit and damage and the enemy is at -1 to hit. At the end of the press the pirate will instantly become exhausted.
  2. A pirate may attempt to appraise any treasure, including magical items. The chance of success is 10% plus 5% for every 2 levels of experience (for example 15% chance at level 2 and 20% at level 4). If successful, the character recognizes the approximate monetary value of the item.
  3. A pirate may use the Climb Walls thief ability as a thief of the same level.
  4. Any pirate may row or sail any boat at 4th level. He may also navigate any boat at 6th level.
Other Details:
Pirates use the fighter experience and thaco charts and the thief saving throw and weapon mastery charts.

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