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Mystara god of reincarnation, death, and chaos
Hel was once the leader of a barbaric group of nomadic conquerers named "The Expellers". The were ruthless and powerful. Every town that was in their path was looted and destroyed. Male captives were given two options, join or be killed. Female captives were taken as slaves. Hel believed that chaos was the key to an invigorating life. He thought that by spreading chaos, a person became stronger and happier. The more a person killed, the more prestige that he was given. Hel encouraged his underlings to fight for positions of power and held his own position by killing all challengers.
As he grew older, he found it more difficult to maintain power. His most trusted shaman gave him the power to be reincarnated after death. Four men challenged Hel for leadership, but he warned them that he'd be back for revenge if the beat him. He killed the first two, but the third managed to deliver a mortal wound. Hel was reincarnated as a larger and younger man. He regained his position of power and the cycle continued for five lifetimes. He eventually grew tired of the repetition and went on a quest for immortality.
Assuming that Hel died on his quest, the tribe continued to war with it's neighbors. Then one day, a shaman claimed to be a representative of the immortal Hel and he challenged for leadership of the tribe. The strongest men attacked him one at a time, but the shaman had strange powers that enabled him to win. Before long, the entire tribe was once again devoted to Hel and worked to cause as much death and chaos as possible. They were promised immortaility through reincarnation as long as they made Hel happy.
To this day, Hel worshippers still roam the world, killing and disrupting life. They kill and disrupt order with the hope that Hel will favor them by reincarnating them after they die. The alternative is endless suffering in Hel's hands or eternal death. The worship of Hel is rare enough that it is not illegal in most areas yet.

  • Disruption of ordinary will reveal the truths of life.
  • Repitition is not healthy.
  • Individual happiness is improved through killing and chaos.
  • Laws are designed with the intent of alteration.
  • Hel will award death and chaos with reincarnation.
Historical Quotes from the Church
  • "You have become too comfortable with the state of things. I wish for you to hack off a finger and you will eventually thank me for the favor. Yes, I can already see the chaos in your mind." -Hel
  • "After you lose this battle, I will utterly destroy your body in ways that will make you wish you could scream... only you will be unable to do so since I will have already stolen your voice." -Hel
  • "Do not kill me this manner! I beg you to ensure that my death is much more unconventional. Otherwise, Hel will take me for a much worse fate!" -Unknown Hel worshipper before his execution in Glantri
  • "My trail is bloody, but always changing. You will not find me because I am not ordinary by any means." -A letter from Gara' Gir to the royal guard in Karameikos (year 1927 AC)
  • "Gara' Gir is here... Gara' Gir is there... Gara' Gir find you here... and leaves your body there" -Song used to frighten Karameikos children when they do not obey their parents
  • "Do not create without first destroying or Hel will come through me to destroy you instead." -Irik' Ki, first chosen of Hel
  • "Life is but a cycle, live and die, live and die, and so on. It is our duty to make it erratic so that we can reincarnate better than before." -Igaune, explaining his actions to a fellow Selandrian prisoner (year 1995 AC)
Relevant Details
  • Hel's holy symbol is a stone throne with skulls.
  • Hel worshippers have no organised church.
  • These clerics rarely survive long in ordinary society. They are often caught and punished for their crimes.
  • Experience Advantages
    1. At level 3, a Hel Cleric may memorize the spell 'Rend Flesh'.
    2. At level 6, a Hel Cleric may elect to memorize one Nightmare Magic Spell once per day, but it will be forgotten before dawn of the next day. Pick a spell level that the cleric is capable of using and then roll randomly to determine what spell is memorized.
    3. At level 9, a Hel Cleric may memorize the spell 'Bone Bore'.
    4. At level 18, a Hel Cleric may memorize the spell 'Reincarnation'.
Special Spells and Abilities
  • Level 1 Spell: Rend Flesh
    Range: 40'
    Duration: 1 round per level
    Effect: Any one target up to 40'
    This spell creates a small black cloud that latches onto a victim's skin. It automatically causes 1d4 damage when it hits. At the beginning of each of the following rounds, the spell will expire if the victim passes a saving throw vs. spells. This spell has no effect on creatures without skin.
  • Level 4 Spell: Bone Bore
    Range: Touch
    Duration: 5 rounds
    Effect: Any one target
    When the cleric successfully touches any target that has bones, tiny cracks appear on the bone structure causing 4d6 points of damage, halved on a successful saving throw vs. spells. The spell remains active until a target has been touched (upon which time the spell effect occurs) or 5 rounds expire.

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