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Bounty Hunter
Bounty hunters are individuals who have been hired to track other people with the intent to capture or kill . These hunters are renowned for their ability to find and capture others without causing too much commotion. Many criminals have been awakened from a deep slumber to find themselves at the mercy of a greedy bounty hunter. The occupation can be extremely dangerous and time consuming. Bounty hunters must be talented fighters and trackers and must be able to think like a criminal. Needless to say, many bounty hunters are found dead in a dark alley while others live to earn a fortune.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Minimum Score: None
Experience Bonus: 5% for Wisdom 13-15, 10% for Wisdom 16-18.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. Starting at 10th level, +2 hit points per level, Constitution adjustments no longer apply.
Maximum Level: 36
Armor: Any; shields allowed.
Weapons: Any

Special Abilities:
  1. A bounty hunter must take Tracking as his first skill.
  2. The following thief abilities may be used... Open Locks (if wearing armor no better than leather), Hear Noise
  3. Bounty hunters double their damage when striking to stun in melee combat.
Other Details:
Bounty hunters use the fighter experience and thaco charts, but use the thief saving throw and weapon mastery charts.

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