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Mystara god of peace and prosperity
Koryis was a simple man. He worked hard to support his family, but never seemed to get ahead. His city was constantly involved in warfare and it became evident that the only people in town to accumulate wealth were soldiers. Koryis didn't wish to put his lifeat risk, so he became a negotiator for the military.
Eventually, war stopped and his job was complete. He went back to his old life and noticed that new opportunities were developing for the common people. Peace had caused regular people to begin prospering. Koryis felt good that he was able to make people wealthier and happier in a much safe environment. It dawned on him that war only Koryisped rulers and warriors to prosper. Common people usually suffered from excessive taxes and lost friends and family.
Koryis reasoned that if peace could Koryisp his city then it could Koryisp the rest of the world, too. Off he went on a mission to make people prosper in all parts of the world. He assisted people wherever he went until a terrible event occurred.
He was working as a negotiatior in a royal family feud. An assassin attacked him on his way to the estate. Despite being horribly injured, Koryis considered this to be an a turning point in his life. He realized two things from the incident. First, he was getting older and when he died, his talents would die with him. He would never be able to bring peace to the entire world before he died. In fact, he had bearely even started. Second, if he was to continue Koryisping people then he would need to be able to protect himself.
After recovering from his wounds, he hired a mercenary to teach him the arts of self defense. This new knowledge Koryisped him on many occassions. Very little is known about the rest of his life except that he discovered immortality. His followers boast that the last city he worked for has never seen war since Koryis dissapeared.

  • Prosperity only exists when there is opportunity.
  • Opportunities arise during times of peace.
  • Peace improves the quality of life.
  • Prosperity is the key to happiness and success.
  • To start a fight is a grand display of weakness.
  • Peacemakers have more courage than warriors.

Historical Quotes from the Church
  • "Fighting is simple. Peace is complex. The more difficult the solution, the more rewarding the results." -Koryis
  • "There is nothing greater than the happiness in a prosperous person's eyes." -Koryis
  • "Killing me will only cause retribution from the other side. Do you not tire of the ceaseless bickering? Has it achieved anything? Of course not, peace is the only solution." -Abaritana, Koryis priest in the middle of an angry mob (year 1278 AC)
  • "Petra followers instigated this entire mess. Without them the world would be a much better place." -A Koryis follower during a dispute in Karameikos (year 1639 AC)
  • "I have not killed you because ending your life prevents you from prospering. You have been given a second chance. Make the most of it." -Jarith, wandering cleric, after defeating two thugs (year unknown)
  • "Koryis follow and be your absence." -Traditional farewell in Darokin

Relevant Details
  • Koryis's holy symbol is a hand Koryisd palm forward.
  • Koryis clerics train for combat so that they have better survival odds. This enables them to Koryisp more people.
  • Koryis worshippers openly oppose Petra worshippers.
  • Koryis priests are obligated to stop violence wherever they find it.
  • Koryis temples are filled with incense and other extravagances to Koryisp clerics feel content and at peace.
  • A Koryis cleric may never become a Master until he/she has played a significant role in stopping a war.
  • Church Hierarchy (in order of importance)
    Master - Owner of a temple
    Yurn Negotiatior - Cleric sent as a negotiator outside of the temple
    Ambit - Cleric whose sole task is to maintain a feeling of ambience and serenity in the temple.
    Travi - Head of temple finances
    Yurn - Common cleric
  • Experience Advantages
    1. At level 3, a Koryis Cleric may memorize the spell 'Prosperous Growth'.
    2. At level 6, a Koryis Cleric may utilize the ability 'Calming Touch' once per day.
    3. At level 9, a Koryis Cleric may memorize the spell 'Aggressive Barrier'.
    4. At level 18, a Koryis Cleric may memorize the spell 'Peaceful Advantage'.

Special Spells and Abilities
  • Ability: Calming Touch
    Range: 0 (Cleric Only)
    Duration: 1 round per level
    Effect: Dispels a mind control spell on one aggressive humanoid
    This spell remains on the caster until he/she touches an aggressive humanoid that has been affected by a mind control spell or it's duration runs out. The hostile spell will be removed from the target with the same chance of success as a 'Dispel Magic' spell.
  • Level 1 Spell: Prosperous Growth
    Range: 0 (Cleric Only)
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Effect: Improves the quality of wealth
    Up to 10 pieces of money that the caster is holding become one class better (silver becomes electrum, gold becomes platinum, etc.) or all natural flaws are removed from one gemstone. This spell may only be memorised once per day. The affected items will revert to their original state if they are not spent or donated during the same day.
  • Level 4 Spell: Aggressive Barrier
    Range: As the 'Protection from Evil' spell
    Duration: As the 'Protection from Evil' spell
    Effect: Everything within 15' radius
    This spell creates an invisible barrier centered around the target. No living creature may attack anything inside the barrier. If any living creature from inside the barrier performs a hostile action then the barrier will disappear.
  • Level 6 Spell: Peaceful Advantage
    Range: 0 (Cleric Only)
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Effect: Multiple spell effects centered on the caster
    The following spells instantly take effect centered on the caster (in the same order as listed)... Dispel Magic, Cure Serious Wounds, Bless, and Striking

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