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Mystara god of love and passion
Valerius was an extremely ugly human. He stood by and watched as all his friends married while he was left alone. He started to study people's actions and began to emulate their behavior. He became quite charming, but woman still shyed away from him because of his appearance. This was very frustrating for him. In an effort to divert his attention, he concentrated on his job and accumulated a large sum of money. He decided to spend his wealth on learning the art of wizardry. In time, he grew quite powerful, but he still had no wife.
One day, an idea began to develop. He could use magic to aid his search for a companion. He polymorphed his body into the likeness of a very attractive man. Before long, his appearance and his charm had women fawning over him. For years, he enjoyed the company of many women and perfected the arts of romance and passion. Then one day he met an extraordinary elven woman named Suchariel. They married each other despite cultural pressure. They knew that she was going to outlive him by centuries since elves live longer than humans.
He usied longevity potions for a while, but he knew that they wouldn't last forever. The only other solution for maintaining their relationship was for him to become immortal. He set off on a search for the key to immortality, but he never returned. His wife mourned for years until one day people noticed that she had a strange inner glow that was never there. It is said that Valerius came back in immortal form to visit her every day. Suchariel traveled all over, teaching people how to keep love and passion an active part of their lives. She seemed to know more about the subject than a person could possibly know. She also lived to be much older than was typical for an elf. Valerius worshippers began to spread the importance of these traits. People typically give thanks to Valerius when they fall in love and they pray for him to grant them passion in life. Valerius is worshipped, to a degree, by everyone who experiences love, romance, or passion.

  • Love exists in different forms in romantic and non-romantic relationships.
  • Romance is the key to maintaining a successful relationship.
  • Passion is the result of love and the beginning of love.
  • Love, romance, and passion Valeriusp to keep an economy civilised and ordered.
  • Love should be expressed openly.
  • The best way to die is to die defending love and passion.
  • Valerius favors those who follow his way of life.
Historical Quotes from the Church
  • "Love, romance, and passion are as the sun, the sky, and the stars. They each have an appropraite time and place, but none can exist without the others." -Valerius
  • "Passion is wonderful. Magic makes it better. The best is when you realise that passion is magic of a sort." -Sucharia, Mortal wife to Valerius
  • "Life leads to one inevitable conclusion. You die as either a half person or two people combined to make one person. I would prefer the latter." -Yarren, missionary to Northern Wendar (year 1982 AC)
  • "I don't know about you lads, but the presence of this Valerius Cleric makes me want to fight harder so I can return to my wife!" -Unknown seargent, speaking to his men before marching into the Broken Lands (year 1439 AC)
  • "You fight all day like dogs. Why don't you use some of that energy to make some romance with your women." -Waygan, Valerius priest to a band of warriors during the Karoath civil war (year 2001 AC)
  • "Lust is the way of animals. We should be civilised with romance, love, and passion. This is what distinguishes us from the beasts." -From a scroll found in one of the earlier churches by an unkown writer
Relevant Details
  • Valerius's holy symbol is a thorny rose.
    Valerius Holy Symbol
  • The Valerius church has split into two. One church practices Valerius's original teachings and the other practices lust and sensuality. The second of the two is generally considered to be heretical, but is popular regardless.
  • Valerius is known all over the civilised world.
  • Church Hierarchy (in order of importance)
    Luvest - High priest
    Luvet - Second in command to the Luvest
    Luvell - Common cleric
  • Experience Advantages
    1. At level 3, a Valerius Cleric may memorize the spell 'Charm Person'.
    2. At level 6, a Valerius Cleric may utilize the ability 'Gender Outset' once per day.
    3. At level 9, a Valerius Cleric may memorize the spell 'Nerve Stimulation'.
    4. At level 18, a Valerius Cleric may memorize the spell 'Inner Fire'.
Special Spells and Abilities
  • Ability: Gender Outset
    Range: 0 (Cleric Only)
    Duration: 6 turns
    Effect: Alters the caster
    This ability will improve NPC reactions with the cleric by 1d6 if they are of the opposite sex. If the NPC is of the same sex then the reaction is penalised by 1d6. The NPC does not have to be of the same race and they always get a saving throw to ignore the effects.
  • Level 4 Spell: Nerve Stimulation
    Range: 30'
    Duration: 3 turns
    Effect: 1 creature within 30'
    This spell stimulates nerves so that the target moves faster and feels things more accutely. The target gets an additional attack every other round. When damaged, the target always takes an additional 1 point of damage due to the extra pain sensation. The target must make a saving throw vs. death ray or become exhausted after the effect wears off.
  • Level 6 Spell: Inner Fire
    Range: Touch
    Duration: 1 round per level
    Effect: 1 creature
    When the recipient of this spell is reduced to 0 wounds or less, he will be healed 1d6+1 damage and anyone touching him immediately takes 3d6 damage. The original target is allowed a saving throw vs. spells to avoid being affected by this spell.

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