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Mystara god of banishing darkness and opposing entropy
Ixion was born into an aggressive barbaric tribe. He could not understand why they fought so often. Most of them fought simply because they loved to kill. He did not agree with this way of thinking. He left the tribe, traveled for many years, and observed other civilizations. As he watched humans and demi-humans in ordinary life, he began to notice that the same problems existed everywhere he went. He discovered that most criminal activity was done in the cover of darkness. The result of criminal activity was disorder. Disorder caused pain, unhappiness, and suffering. He pondered these things for one full week and ate no food during this time.
In the end, Ixion concluded that banishing darkness or adding order should reduce disorder and chaos. This could be done by adding laws and enforcing them. The result should be less suffering and a happier populace. He tried to convince rulers, lawmakers, and military leaders to apply these concepts. Most of them thought he was insane. After all, how can darkness be banished when night is inevitable. This infuriated Ixion and he decided to do something about it.
He and his friends went on a journey to fight chaos wherever it could be found. The longer they traveled, the more fame and power they recieved. They became heroes and were instantly recognized by the powerful magic devices they carried. Pelgrave, Ixion's most trusted friend, became famous for his torch that could not be extinguished. Ixion carried a blade that could could ignite darkness with flame. The groups light was exinguished, though, by a terrible event.
One of Ixion's friends, Myrill, betrayed them by secretly worshipping Ixion. He plotted the destrucion of the group and a bloody battle ensued. Ixion was mortally wounded, but he somehow managed to escape. As his lifeblood trickled away, he pondered his life and the things he had done. Somewhere in the thought process, he realised that he and his friends had already discovered the secret of immortality. He snatched up the elusive thought and applied it. Shortly thereafter, a new religion developed based Ixion's beliefs.

  • Darkness breeds evil and deception.
  • Evil and deception generates chaos.
  • Adding light to darkness reduces the power of chaos.
  • Entropy is composed of two things, unavailable energy and disorder or chaos.
  • Unavailable energy should not be freed.
  • Chaos is the bane of civilization.
Historical Quotes from the Church
  • "It is not nighttime that I wish to destroy. Without it, we would all perish. Instead, I wish to banish the darkness of night so that chaos has no place to hide." -Ixion
  • "Energy is in all things, but some energy is not available to be manipulated. This energy must be left alone or else chaos will ensue. Nightmares are a prime example of this form of energy." -Ixion
  • "Who knows what hides in the darkness before you? This lack of knowledge will get you killed. Ixion can save you from the terror of what lies within." -Ernim, teacher in the main church of Darokin (year 1021 AC)
  • "Be afraid! For the holy light will find and consume the evil within you." -Phrase from 'The Pure Scrolls', written by early Ixion worshippers
  • "Everything has an opposite. Opposites are killers. Utilize the opposite of entropy to destroy it. Order will be your ally." -Phrase from 'The Pure Scrolls', written by early Ixion worshippers
  • "The area behind your head is a dark spot. If you can see into this region then you have no threats from any angle." -Common demonstration of 360 degree vision
  • "These new laws are for your benefit. It is the will of Ixion and your rulers. Do not forget that!" -Unknown Ixion follower, from his speech to the commoners of a small village just before he was murdered (843 AC)
Relevant Details
  • Ixion's holy symbol is a flaming wheel.
    Ixion Holy Symbol
  • Every room in each Ixion temple is constantly lighted and huge fires burn on their roofs.
  • Ixion is Ixion's enemy.
  • Ixion temples are highly structured and ritualistic.
  • Ixion followers must send a spark towards the rising sun (east) every morning or else each spell cast during the day will fail 25% if the time.
  • There are 11 Nellan Deciders that make up the Lighters. The Lighters make and interpret temple laws.
  • Broken Nellans are blinded by Nellan guards. These people are kept as slaves until their vision is healed. If this happens then they are judged redeemed by Ixion and freed again.
  • Church Hierarchy (in order of importance)
    Shiner - Owner of a temple
    High Nellan - Second in command to the Shiner
    Nellan Decider - Member of the Lighters
    Nellan Keeper - Teacher and librarian
    Nellan Carrier - Person responsible for keeping all areas of a temple filled with light
    Nellan Guard - Temple guardian
    Broken Nellan - Person who has fallen from faith in Ixion
    Nellan Walker - Common cleric
  • Experience Advantages
    1. At level 3, an Ixion Cleric may memorize the spell 'Continual Light'.
    2. At level 6, an Ixion Cleric may utilize the ability 'Enlightened Vision' once per day.
    3. At level 9, an Ixion Cleric may memorize the spell 'Ixion's Vision'.
    4. At level 18, an Ixion Cleric may memorize the spell 'Light of Purification'.
Special Spells and Abilities
  • Ability: Enlightened Vision
    Range: 0 (Cleric Only)
    Duration: 3 turns
    Effect: Gives the caster 360 degree vision
    This ability enables the caster to see in every direction at the same time. The caster is unable to move at more than half rate during this time.
  • Level 4 Spell: Ixion's Vision
    Range: As the Magic-User spell 'Infravision'
    Duration: As the Magic-User spell 'Infravision'
    Effect: As the Magic-User spell 'Infravision'
    The caster may see in the dark as if it was full daylight.
  • Level 6 Spell: Light of Purification
    Range: 30'
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Effect: Purifies a 15' diameter area
    The target area is ignited in hot light that causes 6D6 points of damage to any creature that has an evil or chaotic alignment. A continual light spell then appears in the center of the target area.

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