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Mystara god of protecting elves
After the elves migrated to the surface from Rubaleth, also known as Blackmoor, they endured difficult years. There were so many of them that they could not simply integrate into the existing surface cultures. Elves were forced to wage war against the humans in order to secure a new homeland. Many of them wandered south because they did not have the heart for the killing. There was a lack of acceptance everywhere they went and thousands were slaughtered as people fought to keep keep their territory. Just when despair was inevitable, a hero emerged.
A young, charismatic woman, named Ilsundal, organised the elves for mutual protection. She was known for her cunning plans and diverse tactics. She was driven by the desire to protect her people and the hope of a peaceful life. She soon became a respected leader among her kin. She placed the life of an elf above the life of any other sentient creature and fought with this in mind. Ilsundal rarely sent troops into battle unless she was sure they would win. Countless lives were saved because of her philosophy.
Her enemies were utilizing a powerful artifact, called 'The Glistening Fist'. She planned an attack and managed to capture the item, but with a huge cost. She lost her commander and seventy two percent of the army. It is rumored that Ilsundal never forgave herself for the loss. She formed a group of warriors that were devoted to the protection of all elvenkind and named them the 'Steel Fist Legion' in honor of their lost brethren. She took these warriors north in an attempt to save as many elves from human control as possible.
The fighting continued for about ninety years. With the aid of the 'Steel Fist' and 'The Glistening Fist', she managed to save enough people to create a kingdom of her own. There was a time of peace, but she still struggled with the fact that elves were dying throughout the world. She took a small band of her most trusted warriors and set out to help more elves. She never returned, but one of her men survived to tell the tale. He told of how they were captured for nearly two months. During this time, Ilsundal had visions of eternal life. When they escaped from captivity, she traveled northeast and struggled until she achieved her objective. She passed through the bloodfire, defeated the iron wyrm, became an immortal, and continues to protect her people as an immortal.
Nearly every elf is aware of Ilsundals existance and reveres her for what she has done. Her priests mingle with other races and work hard to divert attention and further the elven lifestyle. They act as Ilsundal's hand, influencing the world. They believe that the one who finds and reclaims 'The Glistening Fist' will replace the humans with elves as the dominant race on Mystara.

  • Elves are the superior race.
  • Never attack another elf, except in self defence.
  • The elven race has been stifled by humanity.
  • Elves should be protected at any cost.
  • There is no higher calling than to die for the protection of another elf.
  • Ilsundal favors those who follow her way of life.
Historical Quotes from the Church
  • "A man? I don't have time for such things while our people are suffering." -Ilsundal
  • "Diversion and seclusion are sometimes the best ways to preserve our race." -Ilsundal
  • "We will fight them because of the gold, but we will win because elves are better than dwarves." -Arigathis, commander of the elven Wine Blade Mercenary Band (year 834 AC)
  • "It is evident that they have no respect for themselves. Otherwise, they would not attack their own people." -A scout's letter ragarding the shadow elves (year 1999 AC)
  • "You are smarter, older, and faster than any human. Use it to your advantage." -An unknown captain to his men when the elves of Tush broke the Minrothad Guilds blockade (year 2002 AC)
  • "Protect us and bind us to our true selves." -Inscription in an Ilsundal temple on the outskirts of Aengmor
Relevant Details
  • Ilsundal's holy symbol is the silhouette of a tree of life.
    Ilsundal Holy Symbol
  • The Knight's of the Steel Glove were named after The Steel Fist Legion.
  • Most of the other races do not understand the popularity of Ilsundal among elves.
  • An elf who curses Ilsundal will be expelled from most elven societies.
  • Ilsundal will never grant spellcasting abilities to a non-elf.
  • The sole purpose of an Avenger is to seek and destroy those who have performed atrocities against the elves.
  • Church Hierarchy (in order of importance)
    Mithnal - Owner of a temple
    Yepinal - Second in command to the Mithnal
    Parinal - Third in command to the Mithnal
    Rethrigun - Avenger (only exist in large temples and there are never more than two per temple)
    Isilinal - Common cleric
  • Experience Advantages
    1. At level 3, an Ilsundal Cleric may memorize the spell 'Elven Blessing'.
    2. At level 6, an Ilsundal Cleric may utilize the ability 'Ilsundal Shield' once per day.
    3. At level 9, an Ilsundal Cleric may memorize the spell 'Lifeblood'.
    4. At level 18, an Ilsundal Cleric may memorize the spell 'Inner Vengeance'.
Special Spells and Abilities
  • Ability: Ilsundal Shield
    Range: 0 (Cleric Only)
    Duration: 1 turn
    Effect: Protects the caster
    This ability will half the damage (round down) from the next physical, non-magical, attack that hits the caster.
  • Level 1 Spell: Elven Blessing
    Range: As the Bless spell
    Duration: As the Bless spell
    Effect: As the Bless spell
    The same as a Bless spell, but the effects are doubled for affected elves.
  • Level 4 Spell: Lifeblood
    Range: 60'
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Effect: Any one elf up to 60'
    This spell enables the caster to lose a number of hit points up to his level and transfer them to another elf. The target elf will be healed by that amount. For example, a ninth level cleric may transfer between 1 and 9 hit points from himself to another elf.
  • Level 6 Spell: Inner Vengeance
    Range: 30'
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Effect: Any one target that has already attacked the caster
    This spell works like the magic-user spell magic missile. It will strike a target provided that the creature is visible at the time of casting. A green ball of fire hits the target causing 4d6 damage.

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