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Necromunda Materials
Gang Roster Sheet (Microsoft Word 95 document 34 KB)
The gang roster sheet for Necromunda does not contain enough information for my tastes. This is a simple roster sheet to replace the ones found in the rulebook.

Weapons Summary Chart (Microsoft Excel format 34 KB) (Zip format 9 KB)
While playing Necromunda, I grew tired of looking for weapon statistics in the rule books. I created this Weapons Summary Chart. It contains a list of all the weapons and their stats available in the game. If you are like me then you'll use this a lot.

Optional Automatic Weapons Rule
It never made sense to me that autoguns, autopistols, boltguns, and boltpistols only recieve one shot per turn. These are automatic weapons and the following optional rule allows players to fire more than once with these weapons...
  • If a miniature has not moved during its movement phase and is armed with an autogun, autopistol, boltgun, or boltpistol then it may fire twice. Both shots must be fired at the same target and the the second shot has a penalty of -1 to hit. An ammo check is required if the to hit roll on either shot is a 1 or a 6. If an ammo check is required from the first shot then it must be taken before the second shot is fired. Regardless of whether an ammo check passes or fails, the miniature may not fire again during this shooting phase.

Special Effects
There is a multitude of special rules that can be used for games of Necromunda. I created a chart that enables you to randomly determine what special rules to use in a game. The list includes creatures, treacherous and pitch black conditions, event cards, etc. This should help provide some variety to your games. If you don't have rules or models for the effect indicated then use something else in its place or re-roll the result.

Spider Hunt Scenario
A special scenario that I created for Necromunda. Spider hunting is a common trade in the underhive. Parts of giant spiders fetch a high price in the markets. In this scenario, two gangs are attempting to secure a spider filled area.

Gang Differences
A common complaint among Necromunda players is that the basic gangs are not unique when they begin a campaign. Many people have created a sets of rules to remedy the complaint, but they are usually overbalanced. I have taken some of these concepts and created these special rules to simulate the differences between the basic Necromunda gangs.

The History of the Gloom Harvest Cawdor Gang
My gaming group began a campaign on the summer of 2001. This is the history of my Cawdor gang, the Gloom Harvest. This section will be updated after every game.

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