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Necromunda Optional Gang Characteristics

Each of the basic gangs in Necromunda have slight differences that make them unique. The following is a list of these differences and how they relate in the game. NOTE: These are optional rules.

House Cawdor gang members are fanatically religious. They often take offense to other people and to their lifestyles. Prior to setting up a game, the Cawdor player should roll 1d6. If the result is a 6 then all Cawdor miniatures in the gang gain Hatred for all members in one enemy gang that will be present in this game (determined randomly).

Members of Delaque gangs are a sneaky group of individuals. They are feared due to their vast information networks and talent for assassination. Prior to any game where gangs set up on opposite sides of the table, Delaque players must declare if they sneaking. If they are not sneaking then set up the board as usual. Otherwise, when it is the Delaque turn to set up, the player should roll 1d3. The result is the number of miniatures that must sneak. These miniatures are placed anywhere between 10 and 16 inches from the players table edge (instead of the usual 8 inches).

The tough women of Escher gangs are well known for their speed and agility. During a battle, this is an incredible advantage. When an Escher model falls, resolve the damage with a strength value that is one less than normal (to a minimum of 3).