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Necromunda Special Scenario - Spider Hunt

A small segment of the underhive has become infested with giant spiders. Pieces of the giant spiders can be sold for a high price in the marketplace. This is a rare opportunity for gangs to amass a fortune. Unfortunately though, news of the infestation has traveled fast. Multiple gangs acting on the news are likely to run into each other at the site. The result can be extremely bloody as rival gangs must try to find spiders and secure the area simultaneously.

Starting the Game
Roll 1d6. If the result is a 1, 2, or 3 then the area is infested with giant wolf spiders. Any other result means that the area is infested with giant orb spiders. Place scenery, deploy gangs, and begin the game as though this were a normal Gang Fight scenario.

Special Rules
The building situated closest to the center of the table is infested with giant spiders. At the end of each movement phase, any model that moves onto or through the building must roll 1d6. If the result is a 1 (1, 2, or 3 for orb spiders) then a spider has attacked the miniature. Immediately place a spider adjacent to the figure. Fight as normal in the melee phase as though the spider had charged the miniature. If the result on the dice roll is a 6 then the gang member has spotted a spider in the debris. The player should place a spider 6 inches directly ahead of the model (in the direction that the model is facing).

Once both players have completed their turns, any spiders that are not taken out of action will take a separate turn of their own. A spider will always attempt to engage the closest non-spider miniature as quickly as possible. Neither gang is permitted to bottle out until at least one spider has been killed by either gang.

Ending the Game
The game ends as soon as a gang bottles out and the opposing player wins the scenario. A winning gang will have the opportunity to kill more spiders at its own leisure. To represent this, add an additional 1d6 x 5 credits to the gang income before subtracting for gang members. Each spider that has been killed throughout the game also adds its value (as found in the Outlanders Supplement) to the winning gang income before subtracting for the number of gang members.

Use the experience chart from the Gang Fight Scenario, but neither gang can lose any territory from this scenario. Also, any miniature that has taken a spider out of action gains +1 experience point.
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