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The Gloom Harvest - Campaign Log

History of a Necromundan Cawdor gang, the Gloom Harvest.

The Message
There he was again. Garan was assigned to the same sentry point three days in a row. The location was reputed to be the most uncomfortable of locations. The walls along the walkway were wet and sparks incessantly burst from overhead wires. The entire area was humid and damp. Garan's hood was soaked and the leather from his mask was rubbing his face raw. He impulsively examined his pistol to make sure it was loaded. It had plenty of ammo... no different than five minutes ago. In irritation, he shifted his weight.

Then there was a crashing sound as someone shouted a curse from down below. Garan quietly looked over some nearby fuel barrels. He could see a shadowy figure in the gloom below. The person must have tripped on the loose panels. Garan smiled to himself as he slid back behind the barrels. He clicked the "ARMED" button on the plasma pistol and withdrew a small flare from a pouch. He ignited and threw the flare over the edge of the walkway. There was a 'ting' sound as it rebounded off of the metal floor. Another curse emitted from below and it sounded as if someone broke into a run. The was a pop, the sound of skidding, and yet another stream of curses. The man must have tripped on the uneven panels again. This appeared to be an excellent opportunity to gain some experience and respect.

Garan leaped to his feet and looked over the edge. This time the area was bathed in orange light from the flare, with eerie shadows shifting along the walls. A man was visible scrambling to his feet. He wore the emblem of a messenger. The Gloom Harvest gang was searching for someone who fit the description. Garan aimed his pistol and squeezed the trigger just as the messenger spun around with a stub gun. There was a hissing sound and a short bang. A bullet ricocheted off of the barrel in front of Garan. It twisted and plummeted into the darkness below. The messenger howled in pain as a ball of superheated plasma engulfed his torso. The stench of burning flesh and hair permeated the air, followed by complete silence. Garan sneered and tossed a piece of cloth, bearing the Cawdor gang symbol, onto the smoking corpse below. It was meant to be a message that conveyed House Cawdor's Gloom Harvest was serious about its holdings in the area.

At last, the entire gang was assembled and they were beginning to develop a strategy for expanding territorial holdings. The initial gang consisted of eleven members and a hired gun. Mian led the gang and was responsible for recruitment. A natural leader at heart, he favored the boltgun and chainsword weapon combination. Two weapon specialists joined the Gloom Harvest... Krini with a flamer and Tegrish with a heavy stubber. Six gangers made up the bulk of the gang. Two specialized in melee combat with swords, pistols, and hammers. The remaining four utilized an assortment of long range weaponry (two lasguns, an autogun, and a shotgun). Finally, there were two juves with a laspistol and a stub gun. Both of them had high hopes for fame. Mian decided to hire a renowned scummer, known as 'The Defiler', so that the Gloom Harvest would have some close range combat support.

The First Gang Fight
Mian arrived back at the settlement with good news. He had just spoken with Red Star, the gang's Guilder contact. Apparently, Red Star had a major disagreement with another guild member. As retribution, he offered Mian regular payments if the Cawdor gang would harass and cripple enemy guilder operations. This was good news indeed. The gang would have an ongoing job that could increase Cawdor favor with other guilders. Within a day, the gang discovered the whereabouts of the enemy guilder and his bodyguard.

The Gloom Harvest organised and deployed in an area between settlements. They waited until the guilder caravan approached, but were spotted from a distance. Guns blazed and Fildred, a Cawdor juve, collapsed from heavy stubber bullets. His face was scarred permanently from the attack. This was a bad start and the gang quickly moved into cover. The Defiler covered the left flank with bolt pistol shells until the Cawdor heavy weeapons specialists could get into position. Eventually, Krini found a good spot. He engulfed one mercenary in flames before being charged by a different one. With a shout, the enemy swung a chain in a wide arc, knocking Krini down immediately. His wounds never seemed to heal properly. Shortly thereafter, The Defiler, a Cawdor Juve, and a group of mercnaries exchanged a series of shots at each other. The scummer and one mercenary were caught in the crossfire and collapsed in puddles of blood.

The right flank was completely controlled by a group of Cawdor gangers and the leader. Two enemies fell to rifle fire and the caravan fled back in the direction they came from. This was the first victory for the Gloom Harvest. The gang went back to the settlement with high morale. Each member had high hopes for more contracts similar to this one.

Unfortunately, this campaign ended very quickly. Members lost interest as their focus changed to a different game system. Hopefully, the Gloom Harvest will be revisited in the future.
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