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Building a Travel Space Hulk
Space Hulk is a great game developed by Games Workshop where small groups of Space Marines must battle hordes of aliens while trying to accomplish missions in the close quarters of a derelict space ship. This game was overhauled and re-released in September, 2009 (3rd edition). Having played both the 1st and 2nd editions of this game, I was very excited to finally own a copy. Unfortunately, once the figures have been painted, the game is difficult to take on long trips and vacations without damaging the figures. I decided to create a tiny version of the game that could be easily (and safely) packed in a small container. In order to successfully complete this project, there were a few pre-requisites to consider:
  1. The tiles must be modular.
  2. The tiles must be magnetic to support tiny miniatures.
  3. The game must be small enough to easily pack for a long trip.
This Space Hulk article describes in detail the steps needed to create a 3rd Edition Travel Space Hulk, including the tiles and counters needed for the game. Before starting this project, please remember to exercise safety at all times, such as wearing tough gloves and eye protection... knives and other tools are sharp and dangerous and the sharp edges of freshly cut metal may also be harmful. I can not be held responsible for any injuries or damage that occur because of these instructions. To create your travel Space Hulk you must first obtain the following materials and tools.
  • 2 sheets of 4 in x 10 in tin
  • 2 sheets of 8.5 in x 11 in printable solid sheet sticker paper
  • 1 Sheet of plain printer paper
  • 1 roll of self-adhesive clear laminate
  • 1 sheet of thick black cardboard
  • 1 roll of black electrical tape
  • 1 roll of self-adhesive magnentic paper
  • 1 box of plastic Epic scale Space Marine Terminators from Games Workshop
  • 1 pack of metal Worker Beasts from Dark Realm Miniatures
  • 1 metal single hole punch tool
  • 1 box cutter razor tool
  • 1 pair of hobby scissors
  • 1 bottle of Tacky Glue (optional)
  • 1 sheet of black foam board (optional)
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