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Build a Travel Space Hulk Step 1: Create Tiles
This portion of the article will guide you through steps needed to create the tiles for you travel Space Hulk game.
Create Individual Tiles
The first task is to create graphics for each individual tile. The images should closely resemble the tiles from the original game. I decided to use Blender 3D (free 3D modeling software) since the lighting and three dimensional structure help create a sense of realism. Examine the game tiles to determine how many types of game squares exist (for example, grates, metal plates, etc.). Create a 200 pixel x 200 pixel representation of each of these squares. Once complete, duplicate the squares as needed so that they may be organized into the shape of each individual tile. Add lights, blood pools, and other effects to the tiles. Render each tile individually and save to a location on your computer. While making the tiles, you may also want to create an image for the Mission Tracker.
Combine Tiles and Print
In order to make the tiles magnetic, you should first print the tiles on sticker paper. Once printed, the tiles will stick to a piece of tin with little effort. Prior to printing, organize the tiles so that they consume as much space as possible on each piece of tin. This is tricky, but with some clever thinking you should be able to accomplish the task. Also, be sure to add a thin line around each tile so that you can find the borders of each tile when cutting. I've chosen to resize the tiles so that each individual square is approximately 1 cm x 1 cm. Using tin sheets that are 4 inches x 10 inches, I was able to create all of my pieces on 3 tin sheets. You should be able to fit the Mission Tracker on a piece of tin along with the other tiles.

Cut Out the Tiles
You should now have a piece of tin with the printed tiles on one side. Cut out each tile along the borders. A pair of sharp hobby scissors should be sufficient for the job. Be careful to avoid cutting yourself on the edges of the tin! The corners may have bent during the process... carefully bend them back so that the tiles are completely flat. Repeat for the Mission Traker.

Add Backing (Optional)
Distribute the tiles on a piece of black foam board and trace the outline of each tile. Using a box cutter, slowly cut out each of the shapes. Add a small amount of Tacky Glue to each shape and attach to a corresponding tiles. Repeat for the Mission Traker. Note: adding backing to your tiles is not necessary, but foam board adds a feeling of bulk to the tiles and makes them easier to handle.

Add Laminate
You should now protect your investment by adding a laminate cover. Trace each tile on the back of a self-adhesive clear laminate sheet, leaving approximately 1 cm of extra space on along each edge. Cut out the pieces and remove the paper back. Attach the tiles to their respective sized laminate pieces with the printed side against the sticky surface. Smooth the laminate and cut out squares at each corner. Finally, pull down the flaps and stick to the back of the tiles. The flaps may not always stick well to the back of the tiles. To compensate, you should cut appropriate sized pieces of black electric tape and apply to the bottom of each tile. Repeat for the Mission Traker. Your tiles are now complete!

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