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Build a Travel Space Hulk Step 2: Prepare the Miniatures
A box of Terminators contains more than enough figures for every available mission. The Worker Beasts figures will represent genestealers since Games Workshop has removed Tyranids from their Epic product line. The miniatures used in travel space hulk figures are very small, officially scaled for 6 mm. Many people find these figures to be a challenge to paint. The advantage of the figures being tiny is that they can be completed very quickly.
You may wish to convert some of your figures to match those included with the full-sized Space Hulk game. Converting the figures will help you to recognize the weaponry available to each figure during game play. For example, you could to remove a Storm Bolter and add Lightning Claws to one of the Terminator figures. The most important conversions are Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Chainfists, Heavy Flamer, and an Assault Cannon. Also, remember to create a Librarian and a Broodlord.
Once you've painted the figures, you will need to make them magnetic. Cut out individual sections from the roll of magnet paper to a size of 1 cm x 1 cm. From each of these pieces, find the center and use the hole punch to cut out small circular magnets. Do not discard the square pieces with missing holes as some of these will later be used to create genestealer blips. Remove the paper from the back of the circle magnets and apply them to bottom of your painted miniatures. Your figures will now magnetically stick to the tiles.
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