The Fortified City of Karoath
Tall grass ripples in the wind. You brush hair away from your eyes and peer into the distance. Men garbed in orange tunics traverse the walls between massive towers stretching into the sky. Merchants, beggars, mercenaries, and adventurers, such as yourself, enter the city every day. The gates are open and you are free to find whatever wonders may lie within. After all, it has been a long walk from Fanchester and you crave a tall glass of 'Bilderaan Wine'.

This website contains a variety of material for fantasy and science fiction hobbies. The site is designed to showcase Brett DeWald's painted miniatures, art galleries, and gaming information. Miniature galleries include fantasy figures for Golden Demon, Warhammer, The Lord of the Rings, Warhammer Quest, Mordheim, etc. The miniature galleries for science fiction include Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda, Warzone, etc. Included are miniature painting tips and links to other websites. There is an abundance of custom material for a variety of games, including Mordheim, Dungeons and Dragons, and Necromunda. You can also view galleries of 3D art and photography. As you can certainly see, contains a large variety of information and galleries. Please traverse the site (as a virtual trip through Karoath) by selecting options from the scroll at the top left side of your web browser. If you allow the mouse pointer to hover over a link then information regarding the relevant link will appear at the bottom of the castle image.

If you would like to commission Brett to paint a miniature, please email him for more information. Please note that he also provides some graphic design work and web development work through Cobblehouse, Inc. For these inquiries, please email the company. You may see some information regarding web development credentials at... Cobblehouse, Inc. Web Services. Please enjoy your stay at!