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Grundag's Journal
Battle One
Encountered a rough looking bunch of humans on the way out of the city. They attempted to attack myself and my bodyguard. Bomeg fought valiantly, but fell to the mob. Mekain and Khadil bravely held the open street. They prevented the remaining humans from making it to us, but Mekain suffered a painful blow to the head. This prompted me to buy helmets for everyone. I also bought a pistol for future use. Late in the battle, we realized that the humans were actually a band of witch hunters. With this revelation, we fled the battle so as not to cause any more harm to decent folk.

Battle Two
We heard about a human noble lost in the city. Seems that people are paying handsomely for his return. We arrived at the location a few minutes too late, though. Apparently every other living creature in this cursed city has been hired for the same mission. Repulsive undead were battling with orcs and a group of skaven had already begun to drag the noble away before we could even get close to the wretches. The tide changed rapidly, though, with a bellow from some creature in the distance. Durek bolted for the creature in hopes of finally meeting his doom. He was intercepted by the skaven, but he was too ferocious for them to vanquish. As nightfall forced us to leave the area, Dagluf spotted the noble crawling away. I bought pistols for the warband in hopes that we will never miss the action again. Bellifore has already begun to improve their design.

Battle Three
We were assaulted by a band of dirty orcs and goblins. They seemed to be after the wyrdstone we found today. They fought pitifully as greenskins always. We slaughtered them and took wyrdstone out their own grubby claws. Only two orcs managed to flee the battlefield unscathed and we discovered two corpses amidst the rubble. Unfortunately, the price was too high. My good friend and bodyguard Bomeg got a knife in the throat from the enemy shaman. His name has been added to my list of grudges and we will definitely get revenge. We earned some extra gold crowns from the orcs' wyrdstone. Therefore, Hutchek bought us some additional ale so that we could mourn Bomeg's death. I also hired a replacement. His name is Micreeg and he wields his double handed hammer at least as good as Bomeg. Bellifore continues to thank me for the helmet after it repelled an arrow during the battle. There is still no sign of the Sceptre of Infinity.

Battle Four
A rumor found it's way to my ears about four loot filled buildings along the riverside. After hiring a new warrior, we needed more funding. We quickly found the ruins, but were met by a horde of zombies. We secured the first building while the undead poured through the other three. We systematically destroyed four zombies and a dire wolf before fate turned against us. While engaged against an enemy necromancer, Bellifore was pummeled by an Ogre mercenary. The engineer looked badly injured so we fled immediately. He has been acting rather nervous ever since, but I guess it's understandable. The Ogre, Lugg the Orc Slayer, has been added to our list of grudges. I was surprised to meet a wandering trollslayer by the name of Pell-Kreg. From Karak-Kadrin, he was in charge of guarding a Kislevite merchant caravan. A band of Ogres assaulted the group. Badly injured, he fled before the battle was finished. He later found that the monsters were defeated, but the merchant leader was killed, too. Pell-Kreg's cowardice led him into the life of a slayer. I informed him of our grudge with an Ogre and he agreed to aid us in seeking out the beast.

Battle Five
Loud sounds have been heard throughout Mordheim for days now. Pell-Kreg and Durek insisted that some beast was roaming the area. They grumbled all day about doom and honor, so I agreed to investigate the sound. We arrived at the scene to find two giants and some druids occupying a ruined building. They amassed so much wyrdstone that I could feel it outside crossbow range. I could sense the gold lust among my men. There was one problem, though. A horde of warbands beat us to the location. The Marienburg humans offered an honorable (and profitable) alliance that I could not refuse. We worked together with some witch hunters to defeat the enemies (and split the loot). Elated, the trollslayers hurtled toward the giants. In the meantime, the skaven scratched a giant and killed another. The orcs fled the battlefield after a skirmish with undead (who then also ran away… must've seen us approaching). The witch hunters dispatched the druids while the Marienburg humans knocked the giant down. Pell-Kreg and Durek leapt upon its back, dealing terrible wounds with each hit. They almost killed the creature, but the Marienburg captain dealt the final blow.
After the battle, a gemstone shard was found amongst the debris. We took the shard in exchange for our share of the loot. Bellifore immediately began to research the item and discovered that it is actually a piece of the Sceptre of Infinity. It grants the wielder the ability to invoke magical powers in battle. I now have validation that the sceptre is located within the city. We must seek out the rest of the shards before returning home, but this is a major step to reclaiming the power of Karak-Kadrin. Dagluf found a wounded skaven in the vicinity. The wretched creature offered 144 gold crowns in exchange for its life. I accepted the gold so that I could hire some more warriors.
In the Golden Carriage Tavern, I bumped into an interesting group of veteran fighters. Belik and Karoon are two fellow clansmen in search of fame. Karoon is a drunk, but I hired him since Belik wouldn't join unless I hired both of them. Belik seems hardened by battle and he often speaks of his days as a soldier. I also hired the halfling that accompanies them. His name is Berwik Cattail. He claims that Karoon would have died from alcohol poison without fine halfling cooking. After tasting his food, I had to agree. The three have been adventuring together for about two years. They have been to worse places than Mordheim, so I think they'll be of great value.

Battle Six
We discovered the location of three wyrdstone shards in a remote area of the city. Just as we began to gather the stones, we were set upon by a group of orcs and goblins whom were slain quickly. The troll that fought with them was much more difficult, though. Both trollslayers, Belik, and I fought the creature for about five minutes. We cut and slashed only to see lethal wounds heal before our eyes. Durek died from an eight inch talon in the throat and Belik was disemboweled. Pell-Kreg and I were knocked unconscious. Turns out that Khadil finally finished the beast. We gathered all of the wyrdstone, but spent most of the money to hire Rergist (someone to accompany Karoon in battle). He is a grim and dangerous clansman, but I am sure he will be worth the money. Karoon has been drunk constantly since Belik's death. Berwik's food has helped to ease our sorrow and he fought better than I would have expected.

Battle Seven
A strange fog surrounded us while we were attempting to track Lugg the Ogre. A hideous wailing scream broke the silence and ghostly forms emerged from the mist. I immediately sensed that the banshee was carrying a piece of the Sceptre of Infinity. My shard seems to give me an unusual awareness to the presence of other shards. This will surely aid my search for the other pieces. We immediately attacked the ghosts. Their attacks drained us mentally, but we managed to destroy all but one of them. (Note: I have also noticed that the shard of knowledge mentally drains me. I will have Bellifore inspect the item curses.) We also destroyed the banshee and Karoon grabbed its Shard of Wealth. A skeletal knight struck me from behind. I saw Pell-Kreg hacked down by a wight as I collapsed from wounds. My friends dragged helped me to escape the abominations. Grimnir was definitely with me today. My chest wound appeared fatal, but it is slowly healing. Unfortunately, Pell-Kreg never returned to camp. I fear that he is dead. Khadil searched for some more strong warriors and brought back Roakin. He is another trollslayer, but he reminds me too much of Durek. He wields two axes in combat and is extraordinarily cheerful. Even drunk, though, he won't discuss his reason for becoming a slayer. I respect him for it. We plan to spend the next few days seeking out undead to exact our revenge upon. Four dwarves have died in search of the Sceptre of Infinity. We will mourn their heroic deaths. Thankfully, Hutchek has kept our ale well supplied.

Battle Eight
I change my mind about the witch hunters. The wretches attacked us right before we could reach our objective. A wounded human in a tavern gave us the location of a treasure chest inside a watch tower, but the witch hunters caught us by surprise. After a fierce struggle, Khadil lost the shard of wealth. We never even found the treasure. I am beginning to see that we have no real allies in Mordheim. Karoon suffered a fatal wound to the head and Bellifore lost an eye. I can only hope that we caused as much damage to the enemy. Berwik continues to amaze me. He single handedly defeated one of the toughest humans in the warband. He claims he fights well because he eats six delicious meals per day. Lunacy! Like all halflings, he is entirely too meek. I decided to hire a couple of beardlings to make up for our dwindling manpower.

Battle Nine
While attempting to find wyrdstone, we found a long, narrow road with intact buildings on each side. This was an ideal location to find valuables. We soon discovered a group of zombies heading towards us. We knocked the walking corpses aside as if they were hay stalks. In a swift downpour of axe strikes, Khadil dispatched the vampire while we pummeled a skeletal ogre. The creatures scattered before us. The only hint of the preexisting battle was the lingering smell of the dead. This was definately a major victory. At the end of the road, we discovered an old tavern. Inside were six casks of ale. I told my fellow warriors not to drink it so that we could sell it for gold. That is… until we noticed a drunk trollslayer slumped against the wall. He introduced himself as Kragiff Skaven Splitter. He informed us that the ale was brewed by dwarves! We celebrated our victory (and consumed most of the alcohol) and then headed off into the night. Kragiff decided to come along. I must admit, though, that I am happy to have another slayer in our midst.

Battle Ten
We were forced to camp inside the city since darkness fell early tonight. Within a tall building we found a few shards of wyrdstone and decided that it was a defensible position. After a few hours of rest we were assaulted by a huge mob of skaven. Before the rats could close the distance, though, a nearby tree began to sprout small white blooms. The blooms turned to red fruit in a matter of seconds! Eight ratmen collapsed from eating the fruit (likely some chaos spawned poison). A fog rolled in to cover the enemy advancement. We were forced to flee as the enemy overwhelmed us. Gerwik disappeared, Bellifore staggered for about ten blocks distance, but died of a throat wound, and Mekain was beheaded during the battle. We will mourn our losses.

Battle Eleven
While attempting to regroup from the last battle, we discovered a group of walking corpses. We ran forward, hoping to avoid the undead. There were too many of the creatures so we stopped to fight our way through. We inflicted heavy casualties and the enemy fled. I hired two more clansmen and a halfling to aid us with our cause. Also, a rogue engineer has decided to join us.

Battle Twelve
Ambush! A group of orcs and goblins attacked us while we searched for wyrdstone. I was immediately attacked by five cave squigs. Unfortunately, I was knocked unconscious and dropped the shard of knowledge. My friends fought their way through the greenskins in order to save me, but the shard was not recovered. All of the death and killing has been fruitless, but we can not give up. I am sure that we will find something of value to take back home. I hear rumors of a strong magical presence within the city. The halfling scout has agreed to investigate the rumors. If my feelings are right then we will find some answers soon.

Battle Thirteen
Alas, I have been gravely wounded and I do not know the whereabouts of my friends. We found the source of the magical energies. It was as if every living soul in Mordheim arrived at the same location at the same time. We fought hard and destroyed at least double our own number of skaven. I can still hear their screams as they died. I guess we will not be taking the shards back home. We have done our kin a great service by slaughtering the evil at hand, though. I can only hope that others will arrive to continue where I have failed. I fear that the remaining skaven have gained control of the shards. My strength is failing fast… take this journal and avenge our deaths!

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