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Scenario Five - Destruction of the Damned

The Icon of Domination has slowly revealed its purpose... Once given as a gift to the ruler of Mordheim, the icon was to transform him into a creature of chaos and utilize him as a tool to control the Empire from within. Now that it's purpose has been revealed, rival warbands have begun to understand that it is a dangerous weapon indeed. Most Chaos, Undead, and Skaven warbands would very much enjoy possessing such a weapon with the purpose of using it to further their own evil deeds. Other warbands recognise the danger of such an item existing and have set out to destroy it. The fate of the affiliations rests upon the individual warbands.

Place the terrain as normal.

This scenario is intended for every warband to play simultaneously. Each player rolls 2d6 and adds the results together. The player with the lowest total must select a table edge and set up his entire warband within 8 inches of that edge. The player who rolled the next lowest number must then deploy his entire warband within 8 inches of any table edge. Continue in the same manner until all players have deployed their warbands along a table edge.

Starting the Game
Each player must roll 2d6 and add the results together (adding +1 if the player owns the Icon of Domination). The player who rolls the highest must take the first turn, followed by the player who rolls second highest and so on until the end of the game.

Special Rules
  • Any warband which controls the Icon of Domination is not permitted to flee from the battle and never takes bottle tests while it still owns the icon.
  • The Icon of Domination has begun to modify the surrounding area to match it's own twisted design. The rules for Chaos effects will be used for this scenario (from Town Crier magazine).
  • The icon recognises that it is in peril. It will lash out at it's enemies whenever possible. At the beginning of each player's turn (except the player who owns the icon) the player must roll 1d6. On result of 1 or 2, the model from the player's warband which is closest to the icon is attacked by a demonic attack. The model is struck by a single Strength 5 hit as if he/she was struck by a magical spell.
  • The Icon of Domination is an incomplete item, the chaos worshippers didn't finish it's creation before Mordheim was destroyed. Thus, it can easily be destroyed. Any model may attempt to destroy the icon by moving into base to base contact with it and attacking it as if it were an enemy model. All attacks will automatically hit the icon, but bludgeoning weapons receive a +1 strength bonus against it. Any warband that is holding the icon is not permitted to drop the item or attempt to destroy it. The icon has the following stats (along with a 5+ armor save)...

Ending the Game
The game ends when all warbands have been routed except a warband which controls the Icon of Domination. The game will also end if a warband destroys the icon (the warband counts as owning the icon for warband ratings at the end of the campaign).

+1 for the Hero or Henchman group that owns the Icon of Domination or has destroyed it
+1 for each Hero and Henchman group that survives the battle
+1 for the winning leader
+1 for each Hero that has taken an enemy out of action

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