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Scenario Four - Disturbed in Their Sleep

Ever since the Icon of Domination has been taken, strange things have been occurring along the outskirts of the city. Doors have been slamming shut without notice, animals have become rabid, and the dead have begun to rise from their graves. It is as if the world itself is displeased with the presence of the icon. Graveyards near affiliation headquarters are overrun with walking corpses that seem to be searching for something, perhaps the icon. People have begun to disappear and the affiliation leaders have grown concerned. The warbands have been hired to purge the local area of the walking dead before the situation grows too dangerous.

Place the terrain as normal.

Each player should roll 1d6. The player who rolls the lowest must deploy his/her warband within 8" of a table edge. The next player then deploys his/her entire warband within 8" of the opposite table edge. Once both players have deployed their entire warbands, place 6 zombies at the approximate center of the table. Add an additional 1d6 zombies if either player controls the Icon of Domination. Undead warbands are permitted to take an additional 1d3 free zombies for this game only.

Starting the Game
Each player must roll 1d6 and add +1 if he/she controls the Icon of Domination. The player who rolls the highest must take the first turn.

Special Rules
Zombies: The zombies follow the rules from the Mordheim Rulebook, except that they attack with a strength of 4. They will always attempt to engage the closest, non-zombie, model. A warband will receive +5 gold crowns for each zombie that it has taken out of action. These rules only apply to non-warband related zombies.
Death is in the Air: The dead have awakened in order to retrieve the Icon of Domination before it's powers come to fruition. The winds of magic have been swayed to compensate for the unnatural event. Any model attempting to cast Necromantic magic will receive a +1 bonus to the casting roll.
In addition, the spirits of the dead are assaulting stray warriors. At the beginning of each players Movement Phase, roll 1d6. On a result of 1, the opposing player may select one of the enemy warband's models that is not engaged in melee combat. That model is attacked by a spirit and takes a single Strength 4 hit with no armor save allowed.

Ending the Game
The game ends when all of the zombies are taken out of action and only one warband remains on the table.

+1 for each Hero and Henchman group that survives the battle
+1 for the winning leader
+1 for each Hero that has taken an enemy or non-warband related zombie out of action

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