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Scenario Three - The Cursed Keeper
Lunsturg, owner of the jailhouse, was a chaos worshipper in disguise. When the city was destroyed, so were most of his followers. Fragile dark magic engulfed the area and Lunsturg was mutated into a hideous monster. He lost the mental capacity to use the Icon of Domination, but he remains drawn to its power. He lurks in the vicinity, jealously guarding the icon and doing everything in his power to prevent others from taking it. The affiliations don't yet understand the power of the icon, but nevertheless have sent the warbands to find it. Once retrieved, the affiliations will use it to their advantage.

Place terrain as normal. Place the icon and Lunsturg at the approximate center of the table. Each player then places one piece of warpstone and one trapdoor anywhere on the table. None of the trapdoors may be placed within 20 inches of Lunsturg.

This scenario is intended for every warband to play simultaneously. Each player rolls 2d6 and adds the results together. Players who lost The Dark Path scenario must subtract 3 from their result. The player whose total is the lowest number must select a table edge and set up his entire warband within 4 inches of that edge. The player who rolled the next lowest number must then deploy his entire warband within 4 inches of any other table edge. Continue in the same manner until four players have deployed their warbands along each of the four table edges. The player who rolled the highest number places his warband around one trapdoor. Each figure must be placed as close as possible to the trapdoor. The player who rolled the second highest then deploys his warband in the same manner around a different trapdoor. Continue in the same manner until all warbands have been deployed.

Starting the Game
Each player must roll 2d6 and add the results together. The player who rolls the highest must take the first turn, followed by the player who rolls second highest and so on until the end of the game. At the beginning of each turn, all players must roll the dice again to re-determine the order.

Special Rules
The Icon of Domination is magically bound to Lunsturg and may not be taken until he has been killed. Once he has been taken out of action, the icon may be taken by any warrior who moves into base to base with it. Lunsturg will charge any model that is within his charge range, always hitting as many models in combat as possible. He moves after every player has completed a turn. His equipment is bound to his spirit and turns into dust when he is killed. His stats are as follows...


Equipment: Tainted Body Armor (4+ save) and the Warden's Blade
Special Abilities:
  • Abysmal Aura: Lunsturg has been blessed with a magical aura of protection. All missile weapons that hit Lunsturg will do no damage and be deflected on a roll of 3+ on 1d6. If a missile weapon is deflected then it will hit its wielder instead. Work out damage as normal.
  • Breath of Debilitation: Lunsturg's breath reeks of corruption and distorts the air around him. Anyone nearby feels a sense of dread and begins to slowly fall into a state of deterioration. Each turn, models engaged against Lunsturg must randomly determine one of the following attributes... WS, S, T, I, A, or a Skill (if the model does not have any skills then re-roll the result) to be penalized. A penalty only applys while fighting against Lunsturg and will change each turn. A penalty to an attribute will subtract one from the selected attribute. If a skill has been selected then that skill may not be used during this turn.
  • Warden's Blade: This is a double handed weapon (use the regular rules) that confers a 4+ resistance to enemy magic.
  • Fearless: Lunsturg never needs to make a leadership test of any kind. He is completely immune to psychology.
  • Strongman: Lunsturg strikes in Initiative order with the Warden's Blade.
The Icon of Domination has a mind of its own, slowly revealing powers to its chosen owners. Until the next special scenario, the icon has the following rules...

  • Impatient: The icon is impatient and will not tolerate a specific owner for an extended period of time. At the beginning of every game, randomly determine a hero from the warband. This hero is the only person that is able to use the icon during this game. The hero is required to use the icon because its power is too strong to resist. Note: Models such as priests of sigmar are not exempt from this rule. The model does not know that the item is tainted by chaos or the model's mind has been clouded by greed.
  • Artifact: Place the Icon of Domination on the table when a hero bearing it has been taken out of action. It should be placed directly where the hero was located before he/she was removed from the board. It may be taken by any model who moves into base-to-base contact with it. Once taken, the icon's rules immediately take effect for the new hero. The icon will not have any effect on a henchman. It simply refuses to work for such an insignificant person. The henchman must try to reach the closest allied hero. If he reaches a hero (base-to-base contact) then the icon is immediately given to the hero. The icon is considered to be a single weapon (requires a free hand) with the same rules as a hammer or club. If the icon is not taken by a model before a game ends then a winning warband with the highest warband rating will take it.
  • Aura of Power: A model will have his/her Leadership characteristic increased by one (to a maximum of 10) while bearing the icon.
  • Rampant Magic: At the beginning of each turn, roll 1d6. On a result of '1', the icon's power is too much to bear and the owner must take one wound. This never causes the owner to go out of action. Instead, treat all injuries from the icon as knocked down results.

Ending the Game
The game ends when all warbands from one affiliation have been routed. If no warband has claimed the Icon of Domination at the end of a game then the warband with the highest rating will claim it, but one random hero from the warband will immediately be taken out of action and must roll on the injury chart.

+1 for the Hero or Henchman group that that has taken the Icon of Domination
+1 for the Hero or Henchman group that killed Lunsturg
+1 for each Hero and Henchman group that survives the battle
+1 for the winning leader
+1 for each Hero that has taken an enemy out of action

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