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Scenario Two - The Dark Path
The warbands have been commissioned to find the jailhouse and underground passageways. The area around the jailhouse crackles with energy and it is evident that the powers of chaos once held power here. There are many entrances to the underground labyrinth, but there is only one path to the other side. Each warband is attempting to find the correct path and must prevent their enemies from getting there first.

The game takes place underground instead of on the surface. Place three entrances along one board edge. Each of these entrances must be placed at least 8 inches apart. Do the same on the opposite table edge. Next, build an underground cavern that sprawls across the board. Each of the entrances must lead into the cavern system and one exit must be placed at the approximate center of the board. This exit represents the final exit out of the caves.

Each player splits his/her warband into three approximately equal sized groups. Each player should then roll 1d6. The player who rolls the lowest number selects a table edge and places each group of figures inside of the cavern. One group must be placed at each of the three entrance along the edge of the table and every figure must be placed within 8 inches of an entrance. The opposing player then deploys his entire warband in the same manner along the opposite table edge.

Starting the Game
Both players roll 1d6. The player that rolls the highest number takes the first turn. If one of the two players won the Jerran's Tale scenario then he/she may add +1 to the result.

Special Rules
  • If a model wishes to run while underground then the player must roll 1d6. On a result of '1', the model trips in the darkness and is not permitted to move during this turn.
  • All ranges are halved while underground (missile and magic).
  • The distance required to spot a hidden model underground is halved.
  • The above rules may be ignored if the affected model carries a lantern or a model carrying a lantern is within 3 inches of the affected figure.

Ending the Game
The game ends when a warband has been routed. The remaining warband is the winner.

+1 for each Hero and Henchman group from the winning warband that is within 3 inches of the central exit at the end of the game
+1 for each Hero and Henchman group that survives the battle
+1 for the winning leader
+1 per enemy taken out of action

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