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Scenario One - Jerran's Tale
Rumors have been spreading about a man named Jerran Hustrane. Apparently, the man possesses some very unusual powers. He is old, but has somehow managed to live within the ruins of Mordheim for quite some time. It is said that he has a loose tongue and has been relaying an interesting tale to some of the people he meets. He resides in a dangerous area of the city where thieves are rampant. The warbands have been sent to find Jerran, listen to his tale, and relay the information to their superiors. Whoever reaches him first will be likely to gain favor with their superiors.

Set up the terrain as normal.

Both players must roll 1d6. The player who rolls the lowest number must select a table edge and set up his entire warband within 12 inches of that edge. The opposing player then deploys his entire warband within 12 inches of the opposite table edge. A model must be placed at the approximate center of the table to represent Jerran.

Starting the Game
Both players roll 1d6. The player that rolls the highest number takes the first turn.

Special Rules
At the beginning of each turn, for each friendly warband member (with the ability to hear and speak) moves into base-to-base contact with Jerran, roll 1d6 and consult the following table...

1-5: Jerran gets nervous and vanishes before your warrior's eyes! Roll a scatter dice. Jerran reappears 2d6 inches away in the direction of the scatter dice.
6: Jerran immediately relays the following tale to your warrior...

"There once lived a man who earned a living as a jailer in this wretched of cities. His occupation was merely a means for him to disguise a coven for chaos worshippers. The heretics were a serious problem for the authorities, but they were never discovered. I was a prisoner in the jailors clutch. I saw people coming and going on a regular basis. I heard stories of an artifact they were creating. It had the power to control other people."
"When Sigmar smote this city, I managed to escape from my cell. The jailer, however, was not so lucky. He was slowly transformed into a hideous creature. There is a trapdoor in the jailhouse that leads underneath the city to a labyrinth of caves. They lead to the place where the jailer is cursed to live the rest of his miserable existence. He guards a magical artifact that could greatly affect the struggle between the Harbekts and the Reimmerdans. Go to the jailhouse where you can gain find your way to the jailor. If you manage to kill the beast then the Icon of Domination will be yours for the keeping."
Jerran proceeds to describe where the jailhouse is located and then vanishes into thin air. He is affected by the chaos ability Warp Flight. When he gets nervous or when someone attempts to attack him, he vanishes, reappearing close by. If he is attacked in any way (magic, melee, or missile) he will immediately obey result 1-5 from the table above and can not be killed.

Ending the Game
The game ends after Jerran has relayed his tale and a model from the warband subsequently moves a model off of a table edge. The warband that first hears the tale will win the game.

+1 for the warrior that hears Jerran's tale
+1 for each Hero and Henchman group that survives the battle
+1 for the winning leader
+1 per enemy taken out of action

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