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Stats for the Icon of Domination
A Slaanesh based cult within Mordheim created the Icon of Domination for some wicked purpose, of which is unknown. The artifact appears as a short staff with a dragon head at the end. A spirit has been bound to the icon and is the true power behind the item. The spirit reveals itself as "Tirathius", a powerful elven sorceror who was captured and forced into servitude for the Slaanesh cult, tortured, and bound to the icon. He slowly informs the icons bearers of its various abilities. The game master should reveal these powers to the Icon's owner at the appointed times listed below.

  • Impatient: The icon is impatient and will not tolerate a specific owner for an extended period of time. At the beginning of every game, randomly determine a hero from the warband. This hero is the only person that is able to use the icon during this game. The hero is required to use the icon because its power is too strong to resist. Note: Models such as priests of sigmar are not exempt from this rule. The model does not know that the item is tainted by chaos or else the model's mind has been clouded by greed.
  • Artifact: Place the Icon of Domination on the table when a hero bearing it has been taken out of action. It should be placed directly where the hero was located before he/she was removed from the board. It may be taken by any model who moves into base-to-base contact with it. Once taken, the icon's rules immediately take effect for the new hero. The icon will not have any effect on a henchman. It simply refuses to work for such an insignificant person. The henchman must try to reach the closest allied hero. If he reaches a hero (base-to-base contact) then the icon is immediately given to the hero. The icon is considered to be a single weapon (requires a free hand) with the same rules as a hammer or club. If the icon is not taken by a model before a game ends then a winning warband with the lowest warband rating will take it.
  • Aura of Power: A model will have his/her Leadership characteristic increased by one (to a maximum of 10) while bearing the icon.
  • Rampant Magic: At the beginning of each turn, roll 1d6. On a result of '1', the icon's power is too much to bear and the owner must take one wound. This never causes the owner to go out of action. Instead, treat all injuries from the icon as knocked down results.
  • Protective Embrace: The icon surrounds it's bearer with a cloud of crackling energy, forming a protective barrier against attacks. The owner always adds a bonus of +1 to his or her armor save. This power is revealed during week #8.
  • Shining Power: The icon's Protective Embrace produces a great deal of light. This makes it's owner especially visible from across the battlefield. All missile attacks against the icon's bearer will receive a bonus of +1 to hit. This power is revealed during week #9.
  • Soul Strike: The icon may fire a burst of energy that radiates from it's owner's soul. It may be used as if it were a missile weapon during the Shooting Phase with a range of 24" and a Strength 4, but has no penalties "to hit" for moving. All other rules for shooting a missile weapon apply as normal. This power is revealed during week #10.

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