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Mordheim Campaign: The Icon of Domination
"Alas, son, before you travel to the city of the damned in search of fortunes, there is something you must know. Mordheim men are no better than ruthless and backstabbing goat excrement. They'll steal everything you find if you don't get some protection. I once knew a man whose useless son travelled out there and befriended other murderers and thieves. They formed a band called the Habrekts. They offer ample protection from enemy warbands. They also waive the entrance toll for existing members. Find them and ask for Marcel Harbekt. Tell him I sent you and ask for protection."
"You could, however, seek protection from a different group. The Reimmerdans are the largest of these organizations. Most of these individuals are hardened ex-militia, but I doubt you can trust them any more than the Habrekts. Regardless of which group you join, you'll need protection if you want to be able to enter and exit the city without trouble."
"Strap on your extra sword and never remove it from your side. When all is said and done, come back home a wealthy man. Watch your back and above all, don't trust anyone except for yourself."

The Icon of Domination is a simple campaign for Mordheim. It works best with a game master who should reveal a new scenario only after a prior scenario has been completed. The difficulty of the campaign is based upon a system where players meet to play approximately once per week.
The campaign should last for approximately 10 weeks. Special scenarios further the storyline and should be played every other week, starting with week 2. Weeks 6 and 10 consist of special multi-player scenarios. Once the final scenario has been completed, any warband that possesses or destroyed the Icon of Domination will receive an additional 100 points to their warband rating.

This campaign occurs along the eastern edge of the city of Mordheim. Most of the area is controlled by two opposing affiliations, the Harbekts and the Reimmerdans. They require for anyone going into and out of the city to pay tolls and often lay ambushes for those who do not belong to their respective organization. They 'convince' people to join the organization for a meager share of their treasure findings.
Each player participating in the campaign must decide which of the two organizations for which they will be affiliated. It is important to try and split the players evenly between the two affiliations.

Harbekt Insignia
This organization is primarily composed of mercenaries, thieves, thugs, and murderers. They've grown rich from preying on the unfortunate people of Mordheim. Marcel Harbekt controls this affiliation. His underlings carry out his orders, though he is completely capable of death dealing on his own. Marcel is wanted for countless murders within Ostermark.

Reimmerdan Insignia
The leaders of this group are ex-militiamen. They are a bit more organized than the Harbekts. Most of their income originates from armed escort services, but they do not hesitate to earn money from other, more unsavory means. The Reimmerdan affiliation is controlled by Hugin Reimmerdan. He was a seargent for the Reikland militia, but was thrown out for utilizing harsh interrogation techniques.

Speckled Wyrdstone
Speckled Wyrdstone
The eastern fringe of Mordheim is renowned for the abundance of speckled wyrdstone that can be found among the ruins. Speckled wyrdstone is unique because it can store magical energy. It's appearance is similar to standard wyrdstone, except for the tiny red speckles that sparkle within. Most vendors will pay exorbitant sums for one stone. For each piece of wyrdstone that a warband has found during a game (including the ones for determining income), the owning player should roll 1d6. For each '6' rolled, one piece of wyrdstone is actually a speckled wyrdstone. The player has a choice for each speckled wyrdstone found...
  1. Give the speckled wyrdstone to the warband's relevant affiliation. Roll 1d6 and if the results is a 4, 5, or 6 then the affiliation gives the warband a portion of the profits. Consider the wyrdstone to be two pieces of wyrdstone for determining income. On a 1, 2, or 3, the affiliation keeps the profits for itself. Consider the speckled wyrdstone to be only one piece of wyrdstone for calculating income.
  2. Keep the stone within the warband. Any model that can cast magical spells may attempt to store one spell in a piece speckled wyrdstone. This must be done immediately after determining the scenario for a new game and may be done each game if desired. Only one spell may be stored in each stone at any given time and a spellcaster may only attempt to store a spell in a maximum of one stone per game. In order to store a spell inside of a stone, the spell caster must attempt to cast the spell. If the attempt succeeds then the spell is automatically stored within the stone. Otherwise, nothing happens. If a spell is stored in a stone which already contains a spell then the new spell will replace the old one. Any hero may take the stone and may cast the spell which is stored inside using the standard rules for that spell. The only difference is that no test is required to cast the spell, it will automatically succeed. Once a spell has been cast from within a stone, roll 1D6. On a result of 1 or 2, the speckled wyrdstone becomes useless and must be discarded. Otherwise, the spell is removed from the stone and can be utilized again if a wizard attempts to store a new spell within the stone at a later time.

    Each time a warband decides to keep a piece of speckled wyrdstone within the warband, there is a chance that someone from the affiliation will find out about it. For each speckled wyrdstone that a warband keeps, immediately roll 1d6. On a roll of '1', someone notices the violation. The speckled wyrdstone is immediately confiscated. A warband belonging to the Harbekt's will have one hero (chosen by the owning player) detained and severely beaten. That hero is not permitted to participate in the following game while he/she recovers. A warband belonging to the Reimmerdans will be fined 1d6 x 10 gc. This money must be paid before spending money on anything else (including equipment and hired sword fees). If the sum can not be paid then the warband must suffer the same fate as previously described for Harbekt warbands.

Affiliation Underdogs
Members of the affiliations gain certain advantages. First, they are permitted to enter and exit the city for no toll. Second, their warbands will not be selected for ambush by the affiliation. Third, unique hired swords are available for members. Finally, the affiliation is interested in the success of each of it's warbands. Each warband provides the affiliation with manpower and a constant supply of speckled wyrdstone. In return, the affiliation will occassionally come to the aid of a failing warband. Prior to the start of all games during weeks 3, 6, and 10, the lowest rated warband from each affiiation will be given the following type of aid...
  • Week 3: The warband is given 100 gc and may immediately buy new equipment or recruit new members.
  • Week 6: The warband is given an enchanted item. Roll 1d6 and consult the following table.
    1: Short Bow, Long Bow, or Crossbow: (a hero gains +1 Ballistic Skill while the weapon is held)
    2: Enchanted Sword, Axe, or Hammer (a hero gains +1 Weapon Skill while the weapon is held)
    3: Enchanted Sword, Axe, Hammer (a hero gains +1 Attack while the weapon is held)
    4: Enchanted Sword, Axe, Hammer (a hero gains +1 Strength while the weapon is held)
    5: Enchanted Bracers (a hero gains +1 to his/her Armor Save)
    6: Enchanted Boots (a hero gains +1 to his/her Movement)
  • Week 10: The warband may immediately recruit a new hired sword for no cost. The fee to keep the new hired will still apply after each game.

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