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Dragon Dice Amazon Campaign Journal
This page contains documentation of a Dragon Dice campaign in which I participated. The opponent was using Undead with Goblin allies and I was using Amazons with Dwarf allies. The campaign rules were created by myself. This campaign was the third test for the viability of the rules. I created a map as seen below. The first number represents the total points the location is worth if controlled by a player (tallied throughout the campaign to determine who wins overall). The second number represents the total points for battles at the location. Purple flags represent locations controlled by the amazons at the conclusion of the campaign. Likewise, gray flags represent locations controlled by the undead at the end of the campaign. Many of the locations had special rules that affected battles at those locations. You can see background for locations below the map and further down the page is a journal of the campaign from the amazon point of view. The amazons lost the campaign, but the we found very few problems with the rules during this campaign!

Dragon Dice Campaign Map
A1: Flatland

No Special Rules
B1: Highland

C1: Flatland

No Special Rules
D1: Swampland

E1: Flatland

No Special Rules
F1: Coastland

A2: Highland

B2: Swampland

No Special Rules
C2: Coastland

Monster Lair
D2: Swampland

No Special Rules
E2: Flatland

No Special Rules
F2: Swampland

A3: Flatland

Watch Towers
B3: Swampland

C3: Swampland

D3: Highland

Wizards Tower
E3: Coastland

Skull Totems
F3: Swampland

No Special Rules
A4: Flatland

No Special Rules
B4: Swampland

No Special Rules
C4: Flatland

Endless Mists
D4: Swampland

No Special Rules
E4: Flatland

F4: Coastland

Mercenary Camp
A5: Coastland

Pure Heavens
B5: Highland

Dragon Lair
C5: Highland

Stones of Fortune
D5: Swampland

No Special Rules
E5: Highland

F5: Swampland

Streams of Life
A6: Highland

No Special Rules
B6: Coastland

Stones of Fortune
C6: Highland

No Special Rules
D6: Flatland

E6: Coastland

F6: Swampland

No Special Rules

Anshall: This town is occupied by numerous bandits and pirates. They harass merchant vessels along the Justifar coast and are very coordinated in their attacks.

Ashfu: Warriors with a desire to master their skills will sometimes traverse dangerous roads in order to train with Ashfu, a master archer. He resides alone, along the edge of swamplands. Booby traps are scattered around his residence, deterring all but the most determined.

Banesh Ruins: This amazon city was recently destroyed by an invading undead army from Congell City. The surprise attack occurred in the night, causing many of the inhabitants to flee into Justifar Sea. Most were dragged out to sea, only to return as undead minions under the control of Drak Congell.

Bay of Inifinity: Dangerous reefs cover the ocean floor of the Bay of Inifinity. The air is especially refreshing and revitalizes the weary.

Blood Bay: These waters have been stained with a reddish hue.

The Bonefields: Marauding goblins annihilated a large amazon army from Banesh along the northern border of the Blood Bay. Surviving prisoners were nailed to trees and left to rot as a warning to all who would defy the goblin army.

City of Stones: The City of Stones is a fortified amazon city, shielded by massive white stone walls. To date, the city has never been breached by enemy forces.

Congell City: This was once a fairly wealthy amazon city. It was renowned for its enormous mausoleums, covered with intricate stone carvings. 7 years ago, a rampaging goblin force razed the city to the ground. Soon thereafter, a malevolent force, known as the Drak Congell, occupied the city and began to raise an undead army for its own evil purposes.

Crahn: This city is the primary staging point for dwarven armies campaigning in the nestless region. Its citizens are accustomed to war and are known for their potency in battle.

Farpost Village: This small town contains numerous guides who possess knowledge to get people safely through the maze of trees known as the Forest of Bewilderment.

Farseed Lake: This lake has become legendary for the dangerous creatures lurking under the green waters. Many find fishing upon its surface to be worth the risk, since the water also contains an abundance of freshwater rashcrabs.

The Farseed Pits: A series of large pits dot the land around Farseed Lake. Strange beasts are known to hide deep within the dark recesses of these holes.

Folind: Dwarves carved this city into the mountainside. A series of steps and ramps make the city very easy to defend.

Forest of Bewilderment: Trees and undergrowth form a nearly impenetrable barrier for those who do not understand the forests secrets.

Gasrith: This is the capital of the amazon nation, Ferya. The inhabitants enjoy free trade with nearby coral elves. It is known for its export of orange pearls.

Guardposts of Balahan: Three towers line the road to Hunterbern. Each tower reaches 140 feet into the sky and can be seen from miles away. They were created by lava elves 100's of years ago and were later claimed by the amazons of Hunterbern. Eventually, the dwarves of Crahn defeated the amazons and have been utilizing the towers ever since.

Heavens Stonecrop: A variety of large stones jut from the earth, overlooking the northern grasslands. Their purpose and creator is unknown.

Justifar Sea: Sparkling, clear water awaits those who behold the Justifar Sea.

Kasrith's School of Magic: This magic school is nestled among a series of shifting hills. Those who are not invited find themselves wandering aimlessly among the constantly changing landscape.

Lair of the Night Fiend: A very large and dangerous dragon resides within this cavern.

Lake Highpoint: Nestled at the highest point of the Totem Mountains, this lake provides an abundance of fish for nearby villages.

Nimbus's Waterfall: This 97 foot tall waterfall has been named after its discoverer, a coral elf explorer.

Pondasol: This amazon city has been defending itself against dwarves and goblins for many years. It's citizens are hardworking and have developed an efficient system for protecting its farmlands. A network of caves provide the inhabitants with the ability to move across the land unnoticed and with unmatched speed. The city is a hub for trade activity and contains a number of famous archery schools.

Ruins of Hunterbern: Previously an amazon city, the inhabitants slowly grew tired of war and fled to the west. Over time, the buildings have rotted away and have become occupied by goblins.

Spine Mountains: This mountain range is very difficult to travel across and has claimed many lives due to accidental rockslides.

Sprout River: The waters of this river contain magical essence that can aid a curious wizard.

Stones of Ashtar: These tall, triangular stones were placed here by local dwarven priests. They provide an aura of luck for those who live nearby.

The Sustan Fog: A strange fog rolls out of the swamps to the north. It blankets these grasslands in a dark haze, reducing visibility to a minimum.

Tarrendas: Many refugees from Hunterbern settled here and founded Tarrendas. Their descendants now enjoy relative safety from naval fleets because of the dangerous reefs in the Bay of Inifinity.

Totem Mountains: These mountains are home to numerous dwarves who once vowed to defend them at all costs. As a result, many dwarves have died for the cause, constantly defending against goblin hordes.

Week 1:
Having come from the northern region of the Forest of Bewilderment, the amazons advanced toward the eastern seaboard, hoping to enlist the aid of the warriors from Gasrith and the City of Stones. Another army is sent west. Their mission was to bargain with the animal trainers near Farseed Lake. They hoped to acquire some tame monsters from the Farseed Pits. An third army was sent toward the Totem Mountains where they would ally themselves with the dwarven leaders of Folind. Undead swarmed from the east to attack the amazons at Ashfu. The amazons hired paid a large force of swamp stalkers to aid in the battle. Their ability to maneuver in the swamp was great asset... the fight was quick with the amazons quickly occupying defensible positions and driving the undead from the area.

Week 2:
The amazons continued to press south, hoping to block the advancing undead horde from reaching the western regions. Meeting in Folind, the amazons and dwarves discussed war strategy and renewed their vows to rid the region of the evil forces. The recently triumpant amazons moved at Ashfu sent a small contingent along the west road until reaching the Ruins of Hunterbern. They quickly dispatched the few goblins who resided in the decaying walls of ancient buildings and resolved to rebuild the city once peace reigned in the area. A small town in the Forest of Bewilderment revolted, leaving the amazons with less warriors than expected. The undead swarmed around Ashfu once again, intent on claiming the swampland for themselves. The amazons were easily defeated due to treachery and deceit. A fireshadow had been enlisted to help the amazons in their battle, but did not perform as promised. The noble warriors were forced to retreat further into the swamp.

Week 3:
The amazons continued to lay claim to the Totem Mountains and strengthened their alliance with the local dwarves. They also reclaimed the Guardposts of Balahan, sharing shifts with the dwarven occupants. The forces of Tarrendas also decided to add their might to the amazon army. The undead did not attack, leading the amazon leaders to believe that the enemy was preparing for a major assault.

Week 4:
Armies in the Totem Mountains moved to the Bay of Infinity to claim precious resources. Soldiers from the Gaurdposts of Balahan moved into the Spine Mountians to protect the allied city, Crahn, in case the undead decided to continue moving west. A town in the western portion of the Forest of Bewilderment was re-taken after the uprising during the second week. As anticipated the undead launched a major assault against the guardians of Hunterbern. Sadly, the amazons were defeated and forced to relinquish control of the area.

Week 5:
Furasius, the amazon commander suggested that the amazons surprise the undead by bringing war to them instead of continuing a defensive battle. Since their dwarven allies disagreed, the amazons embarked upon their quest alone. A force consisting soley of amazon warriors moved east, attempting to drive the undead from the beautiful grasslands near Pondasol. They utilized an underground network of tunnels to sneak into enemy territory. When they army emerged from the tunnels, they discovered a traitor amazon force waiting in the daylight. The enemies immediately launched a barrage of spears that instantly destroyed half of the army. Within less than an hour, the entire force was decimated. It appeared as though the dwarven officers were correct in their assumptions. Another army was sent across the Spine Mountains in order to claim the open northern territory. A plague struck the towns along the western side of the Forest of Bewilderment. Amazon Seers began to claim that the towns were cursed by the gods for their lack of gratitude to amazon protectors.
A large force of firewalkers (working for the undead) attacked the amazon forces at the Towers of Balahan. The attack was swift and the stalwart defenders were very nearly victorious. They were holding the line until firewalker magic enabled the enemy to sneak around the defenses.

Week 6:
The loss of the watchtowers upset the dwarves, but they insisted that the amazons send another army to reclaim their territory. Thus, more amazons marched to the tower, bringing with them a roc and a medusa. Sellathallus, an amazon Oracle, and her students accompanied the warriors in order to provide important magic support. The battle did not fare well. The enemy once again seemed to be excessively prepared for the assault. The undead forces easily outmaneuvered the amazons who were forced to retreat to Crahn.
Enraged by the betrayal of their kin, the amazons marched from the mountains Totem Mountains once again, hoping to slay any remaining traitors occupying the grasslands around Pondasol. Sellathallus suspected that a traitor was feeding information to their enemies. Therefore, she sent Janth, an apprentice, along with the army to magically conceal their movements. Once again, the amazons faced defeat. Due to an error in judgement, most of the army was massacred very quickly.

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