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Dragon Dice Treefolk Campaign Journal
This page contains documentation of a Dragon Dice campaign in which I participated. The opponent was using Swamp Stalkers and I was using Treefolk. The campaign rules were created by myself. This campaign was the first test for the viability of the rules. We discovered a number of issues that needed altering. The rules were changed and later tested for another campaign. I created a map as seen below. The first number represents the total points the location is worth if controlled by a player (tallied throughout the campaign to determine who wins overall). The second number represents the total points for battles at the location. Yellow flags represent locations controlled by the treefolk at the conclusion of the campaign. Likewise, green flags represent locations controlled by swamp stalkers at the end of the campaign. Many of the locations had special rules that affected battles at those locations. You can see background for locations below the map and further down the page is a journal of the campaign from the treefolk point of view.

Dragon Dice Campaign Map

Agalon Ruins: This once proud city still provides home to many amazons, though they've become slowly warped into swamp stalkers.

Bay of Tears: This bay leads into the Kenli Ocean and to a variety of valuable trade partners.

Beastlord Garan: Garan, a reclusive lava elf has made his home at the peak of these mountains. He sells trained animals to all who are willing to pay the price.

Blackface Lake: It is rumored that all who look into the waters of this filth-covered lake will always see an evil, twisted version of their face reflected back.

Blight Woods: These trees have been twisted into unnatural forms that occasionally lash out at travellers.

The Bone Fields: As local amazons became corrupted by the surrounding swamp, they killed those of their own countrymen who did not succumb to mutation and proudly displayed their skulls upon totems. These trophies extend for miles in every direction across the once beautiful grasslands.

Buntrath's Wizard Guild: The guild serves as a school for all sorts of aspiring mages. It is owned by Buntrath, a highly respected dwarven wizard. He has become known for his neutrality in war and aids all who approach him with suitable sums of gold.

The Carnal Forest: This once beautiful forest is slowly succumbing to the Swamp of Shame. Those who trespass within its borders find themselves at the mercy of Treefolk defenders.

Circle of Damnation: It is rumored that all who utilize these summoning circles risk damning their soul to the hazards of Deaths Curtain.

Crystal Lake: These waters have remained somehow clear and untarnished by the nearby swamp.

Dustland Canyon: This canyon stretches northwest and cuts the mountain range into two halves.

Fey Patch: This section of forest is dark and mysterious with large patches of sharp thorns covering the ground, preventing access for all but the strongest of individuals.

Fletcher of Indith: The Fletcher of Indith is a coral elf with exceptional archery abilities. He provides training for other aspiring archers and often sends trainees to defend his realm.

Fortune River: Many amazons found their fortune along these river banks in the form of Grate Pearls.

Graybeck Ruins: Graybeck city was once a hub of activity, but the inhabitants quickly retreated from surrounding wars. They were safe due to the citys naturally defensible position. They were unaware of the exapansion of the Swamp of Tears and when it arrived on their doorsteps, they had already begun to mutate into swamp stalkers. They embraced this new identity and quickly fell into damnation.

Heron Lake: An unusually large number of herons frequent this lake. The legendary amazon Heron Guard derive their heritage from this region.

The Inner Lake: This lake is named for its location within the hills of Sparkling Mountains.

Lake Destigon: This lake once provided an abundant source of fish for the local amazon culture. As the Swamp of Shame encroached upon its gleaming banks, the water became corrupted and the fish mutated or died along with the surrounding culture.

Lifeblood River: Once called the River of Conspirage, this river was renamed after the Battle of Cardan. During this time, thousands of amazons died while defending their country from invading Trogs. Thier blood flowed into the river, turning it to a scarlet hue for two days.

Limitless Caves: These caverns have been utilized countless times by defenders to escape from invaders.

Master Labosh: The owner of this manor house has become renowned for his abilities as a swordmaster. He always wears a cloak and has never revealed his face to strangers. Thus, his racial identity remains unknown. He trains all sorts of warriors in the arts of hand to hand combat.

Neverseed City: The amazon inhabitants of this city are known for their ruthlessness in battle and thier intolerance of foreigners. They do, however, provide a wide variety valuable spices and glass products.

Paragon City: This city is occupied by amazons and once exported a variety of crafts and wooden goods. This has begun to change as the Swamp of Shame continues to expand into the region. As exports slow, so does the growth of the city.

Pathos River: The waters of this river feul to eastern fringe of the Swamp of Shame.

Resonus Forest: This area has seen very few battles due to the the thick underbrush. Troops find it very difficult to move with this terrain. The forest is occupied by roaming bands of amazons and heavy concentrations of treefolk. Swamplands are slowly eating at the fringe of the forests borders.

Rings of Gadravan: Nestled within a valley is a series a circles carved into massive stones. They were created by Gadravan, a famous dwarven wizard. It is rumored that they once served the wizard in a variety of powerful ways, but these secrets have been lost to the ages. In modern times, the stones are utilized by wizards to improve their ability to summon creatures of great power.

River of Souls: Amazon legend states that the souls of lost amazons travel down this river, through the Blight Woods, and eventually drown in the Swamp of Shame.

Ruins of Ostval: These ruins once were a well defended city that continually repulsed swamp stalker attacks until traitors undermined the walls and caused the downfall of the entire city. Ghosts are often sighted along the ruined ramparts.

Sparkling Mountains: This mountain range is appropriately named because of its gleaming peaks that shine in the sunlight, as if touched by silver.

Swamp of Shame: This swamp is somehow infused with the power of death. Many who spend time within its borders eventually find themselves mutating into snakelike beings. The swamp seems to possess a life of its own and slowy eats at the neighboring terrain like a blight.

Week 1:
The region of Death's Curtain has slowly become a blight on the world with mutation running rampant. The local treefolk have finally taken it upon themselves to remove the threat from their once beautiful forests. They began by advancing into neighboring areas, hoping to take hold of important terrain before it became "infected" by the neighboring swampstalkers. They formed an alliance with the Fletcher of Ind, hoping to utilize his skills in future battles. They also advanced east through the Carnal Forest, hoping to secure alliances with the amazons of Neverseed City by the Bay of tears. The amazons readily accepted the presence of the treefolk since they did not appear to be hostile, however they were reluctant to provide military support at the time. The treefolk also moved north from their beloved Fey Patch and accidentally discovered a cesspool of swamp stalkers nearby. A battle enseud, but the treefolk were not prepared for the ferocity of the defending swamp stalkers and were quickly forced to retreat.

Week 2:
The treefolk were not quite prepared for war and therefore tried to occupy more territory instead of seeking out new enemies. They marched south from the Fey Patch to occupy swampland territory. This allowed them to join with more of their kin who reside in the southern mountain range. These other treefolk secured the Limitless Caverns by clearing out a few goblins who were living within. The slow march continued as treefolk moved south from the Bay of Tears. They secured more uncontested territory within the Carnal Forest. Hellyanafin, an Elder Dryad, spent considerable time researching the Circle of Damnation and discovered the secret of its use. Hope began to rise within the hearts of the noble forest creatures and they danced long into the night under the canopy of stars.
Their joy would be short lived... swamp stalkers encroached upon the Fey Patch, invading from two sides simutaneously. Though unprepared for a fight, the treefolk reacted as one angry soul. They fought with unexpected ferocity and managed to drive the invaders from their land.

Week 3:
Hellyanafin sent her Naiads on a very important mission. They moved swiftly across the swampy waters throughout the region of Death's Curtain until they found all of their treefolk kin. They warned of a malice growing within the center of the region. Treefolk shuddered, grew angry, and shook the earth as they prepared for a larger war than originally anticipated. They skirted the crystal lake, discovering the ruins of Ostval along the base of the mountains. The ruined city was searched until clues were found that would help in the war against the swamp stalkers. An ancient scroll was discovered that told about the Rings of Gadravan in the northern reaches of the Sparkling Mountains. These rings would enable a wizard to summon creatures that would provide aid in a battle. The treefolk of the north immediately sought these rings so they could utilize them in the future. An oak lord gathered his troops and skirted the Blight Woods, moving west to blockade paths from the north, hoping to stem the enemy's advance.

Week 4:
The treefolk continued to advance into unoccupied terrain, hoping to gain control of the most strategic areas of Death's Curtain. The inhabitants of the Carnal Forest moved both north and south. To the north, a large force of swampstalkers met the advancing treefolk and prepared for battle along the Fortune River. The fight was a major success for the treefolk. Hellyanafin was able to utilize the Circle of Damnation and the Rings of Gadravan to summon a dragonkin champion to the battle. The creature sought out an enemy dragonhunter and killed him before he could inflict harm on the forest folk. With this major threat removed, it was only a matter of time before the treefolk were able to capture the river. To the south, the treefolk were seeking the aid of Master Labosh, an expert swordmaster, but encountered a force of swamp stalkers who were seeking the same person! A battle ensued in the surrounding forest... it was quick and painful. The treefolk suffered a decisive loss. They were unable to organize quickly and the enemy easily outmatched them with magical prowess. The treefolk of the southern mountains moved west to occupy the broad grasslands. They could sense the presence of powerful air magic within the area. War had never struck the grasslands and the new inhabitants basked in the pure essence of nature.

Week 5:
Sensing a flood to the north, the treefolk moved from the Fey Patch into the swamp stalker breeding grounds to the north. They hoped to elimate the threat while the marshlands were flooded. They quickly discovered that the swamp stalkers were able to move unhindered within the deep water. It wasn't long before the two forces met in battle at the foothills of the Sparkling Mountains. The battle was quick and the swamp stalkers easily outmaneuvered the treefolk over the flooded terrain. Hellyanafin sent some of her forces to the east to occupy more of the southern mountains in order to intercept the growng threat in the east. The oak lord, Nagrathias, moved his forces into the Blight Woods. This action prevented swamp stalkers from moving unhindered into the southern mountains. The south and northeastern reaches of Death's Curtain were quickly becoming impenetrable regions, controlled by the treefolk. They were finally ready for war and began preparations for a massive offensive against the vile swamp stalkers.

Week 6:
Once again defeated at the swamp stalker breeding grounds, the treefolk became determined to end the feud once and for all. They gathered forces and moved back into swamp stalker territory from both the Sparkling Mountains and the Fey Patch. They hoped that an attack from two sides would be enough win the battle. The tactic proved to be sound... the swamp stalkers were easily defeated. To the west of the Rings of Gadravan, enemy forces combined to attack the treefolk in the swampland east of Resonus Forest. The treefolk knew that it would be a difficult battle and enlisted the help of Ingorius Mellanoth, a dragonmaster from the north. Once again, the treefolk were victorious! The battle was fairly one-sided due to outmaneuvering.

Week 7:
The treefolk continued to occupy unclaimed territory. They also attacked their enemies east of the Fey Patch, hoping to utilize the valuable terrain to their advantage. Sadly, the treefolk became delayed in large patches of water where they were outmaneuvered. The swampstalkers began to rain down missile fire into the treefolk ranks before they were able to gain ground. They never recovered from the assault and were forced to flee back into the Fey Patch. They braced for a counterattack from the swampstalkers north at the vile breeding ground. The attack started weakly and the treefolk were able to overpower the enemy with a constant barrage of magic. Eventually, though, the swampstalkers were able to sneak around the flank and secure enough territory to defeat the treefolk. They retreated into the Fey Patch to regroup, singing songs of mourning for the those who had died in battle. Soon thereafter, nymph scouts began to notice that swamp stalkers were withdrawing from occupied territory! The treefolk had caused significant damage to the enemy and had forced them to retreat. Though the army was not annihilated, it was temporarily defeated. The treefolk had become the sworn protectors of the diminishing amazon settlements and were successful in their campaign against the swamp stalkers. The enemy was, however, likely to recoup over time. Thus, the treefolk remained vigilant by patrolling their borders and knew that they would eventually be thrust back into war with their enemies.

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