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Tips - Painting Miniature Eyes
The following instructions explain how to paint human eyes on a miniature. Painting the eyes is easier than most people believe. I have been using this method for years and it seems to work well. I recommend one of the following brushes for this technique... 20/0 or an 18/0 round or pointer. Take a look at my miniatures gallery to see how this will look when completed.
  1. The following illustration shows what an eye might look like after it has been primed with an undercoat.
    Primed Eye
  2. We'll begin by painting the entire eye white. Make sure that the white extends beyond the edges of the eye. This may seem sloppy, but it will actually help you to connect the colors.
    Eye with White
  3. Using dark brown, paint a thin line from the top of the eye straight down to the bottom. Ensure that the line is slightly wider at the bottom. Extend the line beyond the edges of the eye. Now paint a dark border around the eye (using the same brown). It may help if you keep the brush parallel to the edge.
    Eye with Border
  4. Now paint some flesh around the edge of the border so it appears smoothed. As above, keep the brush parallel to the eye.
    Eye with Flesh Shade
  5. Layer the remaining lighter flesh tones away from the eye until the face has the correct shading. With a little practice, you should be able to quickly produce beautiful eyes.
    Eye with Layering Eye with Layering
The following image shows what your eyes should look like when completed...
Completed Eyes
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