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Hot Lead
An excellent painter with a creative website. The site contains a nice variety of miniatures and tutorials for unique painting styles such as painting realistic flames.

Gallery of Bobby Wong's miniatures. Bobby is among the most renowned American figure painters.

Verzani Productions
A website with an excellent miniatures gallery by Matt Verzani.

The Miniature Gallery
This site contains a gallery, painting tips, and some information regarding photography. Pay special attention to Dirk Stiller's dragons!

Jennifer's Miniature Gallery
An amazing gallery of Jennifer Haley's miniatures. She utilizes an eyecatching color palette.

Dragon Paint's Cave
This is a diverse page about miniatures and contains a nice gallery. There is also a guest gallery with more incredible miniatures.

Miniature Space
Jason Richard's website. This site contains detailed articles and galleries.

Arjay's Land of the Diminutive
This gallery contains figures that are truly fantastic in both quality and style.

Achaeon Studios
A gallery of figures provided by a variety of talented figure painters.
A website featuring amazing work from Jakob Rune Nielson.

Putty and Paint
Ramon Lann's website gallery containing memorable images.

Kaple Minis
Rune Kappel's website featuring his top-of-the-line painted figures.

Deucalion Studio
This website displays the galleries of Saul and Simon Remis. These painters utilize a realistic and clean painting style.

The Stuff of Legends
A wonderful collection of Golden Demon event coverage galleries.

Fellshadow Studio
Liliana Troy's figure gallery.

Fantasy Miniatures
A unique collection of figures, painted by Holger Schmidt.

TW Figurines
A healthy variety of figures painted by Tom Weiss, including historicals.

Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic
This site has a contains tutorials, galleries, and news regarding the miniature painting hobby.

The home of Visions in Colors, a display of miniature painters' interpretations of various miniatures. This is well worth visiting.

This web site gathers photos of miniatures from all over the world and allows users to vote on the quality of the figures. Many unique and inspirational figures find their way onto this site.

Ellyrion Figurines
A gallery of colorful figures.

Rob's Miniature Page
Another talented painter with a site containing a nice variety of miniatures and some painting tips.

Small Obsessions
Mike McCuen's web site. The gallery contains and interesting variety of figures.

Brumbaer's Homepage
This site is devoted to Warmaster. Some of the photos have really nice computer enhancements.

Manufacturers and Retailers

Games Workshop
Miniatures and Games manufacturer (notably Warhammer).

Reaper Miniatures
Miniatures manufacturer.

Privateer Press
Miniatures and Games manufacturer (notably Warmachine).

The War Store
Miniatures mail order company. A large variety of miniatures are sold here for a discount.

New Wave Mail Order
Miniatures mail order company. A large variety of miniatures are sold here for a discount.

Other Sites

A site containing miniatures related rumors and gallery.

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