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The Locations
The Thrice Blade Tavern
The Thrice Blade Tavern is nestled along the northeastern part of the city. Soldiers frequent the tavern at all hours of day since the barracks are nearby. If a person wants a safe meal then this is the place to be. Even though the tavern is located in an out of the way part of town, those who know about it frequent the tavern often. Middle class citizens are the most common patrons and they provide an excellent source of information for those who are looking. The first floor serves as the restaraunt and the top floor is used as an inn. The owner, Maffe Huchett, has become famous for his cooking. His most popular meals are spiced lamb and gyish root stew.

The Royal Wizards Tower
It is a crime to teach magic in the city unless you have permission from the High Mage of the Royal Wizards Tower. Typically, if a wizard wishes to teach his craft then he must become a Royal Wizard. There are exceptions, though. Three non-royal wizards are permitted to teach outside of the tower each year. If a person decides to be trained in the tower, then he/she will become an apprentice for five years. Upon completion of apprenticeship, the trainee will become a Royal Wizard in the service of the king for a minimum of five years.
These mages have access to tower resources and are granted food and residence within the tower. Most Royal Wizards stay for life and are well rewarded for their service. At wartime, it is normal to find these wizards supporting Karoath troops in battle. This has always given the military an edge over its adversaries.

The Trial Hole
Just outside of the inner wall is the Trial Hole, an indoor arena. When a person is forced into trial by combat, he/she is taken here. A short flight of stairs lead down to a small circular room that seats about fifty people. Stone benches tier downwards toward a thirty foot diameter hole that is about fifteen feet deep. Even though the battles aren't designed for viewer excitement, people still pay to come see the bloodshed. Those who can not prove themselves to be innocent of a crime are forecd into the Trial Hole where they must fight for their lives. They are given a variety of weapons to choose from and are forced to battle against a juducial champion. If the accused criminal wins the fight then he/she is set free and cleared of any charges. This rarely occurs, though, since judicial champions are highly trained and extremely lethal in hand-to-hand combat.

The Mad Collector's Home
This is an ancient three story tower located along a side street that leads from market square. A man named Thembio lives here and he is commonly known as the Mad Collector. He is an old man that loves to collect magic items. He has grown a bit senile and has very poor hearing. People come to him hoping to buy powerful magic, but more often walk away feeling rather disgusted. Although he is known as a powerful wizard, most folk that know him tend to stay away because of his erratic behavior. If a person is patient enough, then he/she can often acquire a nice magic item and some important information from the old man.

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