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The Design
The City
Karoath is located along the northern edge of the Plains of Tears. Grass growing to a height of three feet covers the majority of the land. The Sinkholes of Parran span the north and northwest edges of the city providing a natural barrier against invasion. Invaders wandering into this area quickly find themselves sinking into the earth with little hope of escape. Along the northeast wall is the city graveyard. Priests constantly bless the graves in order to prevent evil spirits from remaining in the area. To the south of the city is a crossroad. East leads to the proud city of Fanchester and the smaller towns of Peroine and Qinteth. To the west is the small village of Clawfett. The south road leads to the port city of Selandria, the forest city Spikever, and the nearly impenetrable Tarrengar.

The Outer Wall
The City of Karoath was designed early in the Ogre Wars as a place of protection for the king and as a staging point for the military. An outer wall was built as the primary defense for the city. Jakrite stone (a strong mineral that looks like sandstone) was magically transported to the site and utilized to create the walls. There is only one entrance to the city and it is protected by a large iron portcullis followed by two massive iron doors.
The area between the doors and portcullis is an open space ten feet long. Archers can decimate enemy troops who become trapped in this area. The gatehouse is the tallest segment of the outer wall. Under the protection of slate-like roofing, archers can rain death upon their foes. Beside the gatehouse is a set a towers that contain catapults and other war machines which can be strategically positioned in order to best deal with enemy threats. Smaller towers are positioned at regular intervals along the rest of the wall.

The Populace
Citizens reside within the area between the outer walls and an inner wall. The buildings are positioned in a 'U' pattern. A main road leads north toward the massive courtyard anner inner wall. A vast array of vendors, inns, stables, etc. are located along the edge of this courtyard.
Deep wells are placed at strategic points around the city. During daylight hours, countless carts pull into the coutyard and set up display stands from which they sell their products.
The southeastern segment of the city, known as The Community of Curses, has become a haven for the poorest Karoathian citizens. Many of the buildings have fallen into disrepair and filth lines the streets. Several crime organizations operate within the area since the Karoathian Military rarely patrols the area.
The inner wall is surrounded by the more unique buildings. Upper class citizens have built dwellings along the western segment. Many of the wealthier businesses also own buildings in the same area. The royal gardens, stable, blacksmiths, etc. are located to the north.

The Elite Few
People who work directly for the king usually reside within the inner wall. To the west is a group of buildings reserved for the Kings Guard. Their barracks, training grounds, and stables are positioned nearby. Blacksmiths, fletchers, leather workers, and a Diulanna Temple occupy much of the eastern portion of this area. High-ranking commanders also enjoy exquisite homes in the safety of this vicinity. To the far north lies the main keep. This fortified structure is the home for King Karoath. Due to constant modifications, its architecture appears haphazard at best. To date, it has never been breached by an enemy force.
To the east of the keep is the Royal Wizards Tower. Built from deep gray stone imported from Tarrengar, this structure is a real eye catcher. All usage of magic within the city is governed from this location. It contains a large host of wizards employed by the king, many of which actively participate in the military. Each mage has a responsibilty to train and research their trade on a continual basis.

Invading armies find Karoath City to be a very difficult place to conquer. Troops must go pass two fortified walls and a break into the keep before gaining complete control of the city. This feat has never been accomplished by an enemy army.

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