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The Karoath Military
The Concept
Karoath city recruits an extraordinarily large number of soldiers. Approximately twenty percent of the city's male citizens are employed by the military during peacetime. At wartime, this figure is increased to about forty percent. Females are strictly prohibited from joining the ranks of the Karoath military. Males as young as fourteen years are permitted join.
An enlisted soldier must serve for two thirds of each year, but may be forced to serve for longer periods during wartime. The majority of the city's military is funded by taxes gathered from other parts of the nation. The military is split into two divisions, the King's Guard and the Realms Guard.

The Realms Guard
The bulk of the Karoath army is considered to be the Realms Guard. Approximately two thirds of all Karoath soldiers are Realms Guard soldiers. Their primary duty is to protect the city and nation from combative threats. One third of the Realms Guard patrol areas outside of the city at any given time. They are usually found patrolling the roads between major cities.
These troops are lightly armored and equipped so that they may respond quickly to unanticipated threats. They are split into four units consisting of five regiments per unit. The first two regiments are composed of infantry bearing long bows and swords. The third and fourth regiments consist of infantry, wielding spears and shields. The fifth regiments are talented cavalrymen who ride into battle with a lance and shield combination. Realms Guard troops are always equipped with thick leather jerkins and pants. They wear short orange tunics with the standard blue ghost heraldry of Karoath. Each regiment is equally sized and is led by two sergeants and a captain. Although the Realms Guard are not well equipped to fight against heavily armored infantry and cavalry, their speed usually makes up for the handicap.

The Kings Guard
The King's Guard is known as the elite portion of the Karoath military. They handle law enforcement within the city, act as bodyguards for the king, and are utilized as support for the Realms Guard. Many soldiers aspire to join the Kings Guard ranks, but to do so is not a simple action. One must first be enlisted with the Realms Guard and either recommended by a superior officer or chosen by a King's Guard officer.
Once this has been accomplished, a new recruit is trained for three concecutive months before being declared a member of the Kings Guard. They are split into two units consisting of four regiments per unit. The first two regiments of each unit are called the Knights of Restraint. Each knight is also a templar of Diulanna (patron god of willpower and strong-willed heroes). Their primary goal is to protect King Karoath... provided that he remains in Diulanna's favor. As his personal bodyguards, the knights are rewarded with the best training and equipment. They are provided with full plate armor, shields, lances, swords, and a trained warhorse.
The third regiment of each unit consist of infantry troops garbed in plate mail armor and wielding pole arms. The fourth regiment of each unit is comprised of another group of infantry troops. They wear chainmail armor and carry heavy crossbows and swords. Each warrior inducted into the Kings Guard is required to wear a short orange tunic that displays the Karoath blue ghost heraldry. A gold crown rests upon the ghost's head as a symbol of sovereignty. Each member is given monthly training and provided with healthy wages. Few people are willing to fight against such elite soldiers of the Karoath government.

A Soldier's Mentality
Karoathian soldiers are not known to abuse their power. They are given permission to ransack defeated enemy territory as a part of their compensation, but they rarely treat human foes with disrespect. Most of the soldiers believe that their enemies are simply a challenge of strength and will. Displaying strength in battle gives these men a strange sense of satisfaction. Their commanders demand the complete discipline, while those who disobey orders are given severe penalties. Traitors suffer the worst sort of fate... they are stuffed into a small metal box where they are left to die without sunlight, food, or water.

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